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March 15, 2007 | By More

O Quadrado, TrancosoO Quadrado, TrancosoO Quadrado, TrancosoO Quadrado, Trancoso
O Quadrado, TrancosoO Quadrado, TrancosoTrancosoTrancoso

If Arraial d’Ajuda is Porto Seguro’s charming neighbour, Trancoso is the classy one. At a safe distance from that whirlwind of activity that is Porto Seguro, Trancoso is an oasis of tranquillity where the well-off from the south of Brazil seek refuge. Worry not, you don’t need wealth to enjoy the beauty of Trancoso and its beaches.

WE LIKE THE MOST: the tranquillity of the place, the beauty of its beaches, the Quadrado (main square)

WE LIKE THE LEAST: expensive prices, the elitist character of Trancoso

HOW TO GET THERE: from Arraial d’Ajuda there is an asphalt road that goes to Trancoso. You can get there driving a rented car or using the regular bus (less than R$10).

CAREFUL WITH: unfriendly prices, the high season

FAVOURITE SPOTS: the Coqueiros beach, the Quadrado


  • if you have the chance to stay and sleep in Trancoso, you will enjoy the little village in a different way: you will have the entire place for yourself; most tourists arrive in the morning and return to Arraial or Porto Seguro at the end of the day

ACCOMMODATION: complete listing of Hotels and pousadas in Trancoso

LINKS: Trancoso en, Trancoso

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Trancoso (Porto Seguro) for the next 10 days


PHOTOS: Trancoso

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Comments (5)

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  1. Richard says:

    What is the name of the naturist (nudist) beach at Trancoso?

  2. Tony says:

    Pedra Grande. As you reach the sea from the village of Trancoso, turn south (right); it’s a 20-minute walk to the beach. Naturism is allowed at the beach but it is not a naturist beach as such.

  3. paolo says:

    Richard, the nudist beach is a forty minute walk south of trancoso village – i think it’s called itaquena, just after itapororoca beach ……….. there is also a section between rio verde and club med ( 20mins north of trancoso)…………..

    pedra grande is north of trancoso (10 mins) and i think taking your clothes off will result in dirty looks !!!!!!

  4. Trancoso says:

    True, the section between Rio Verde and Club Med has no more naturism because of the daily cvc excursions to see the turtles at the rocky point just under the terravista golfclub. You can see turtles here but you have to go early in the morning!

    At Itaquena there is still some practice of naturism, Itaquena has also the best surfing point of the region, the best breaks are between the rocks at the left side.

    For people who want to walk to Arraial d’Ajuda, make sure to do at low tide because otherwise you can’t pass the rocky point when you return!

  5. Tony says:

    If you have any questions about Trancoso you can ask at our Facebook page and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.