Destination: Trindade

March 15, 2007 | By More


Trindade is a tiny village half an hour away from Paraty, and a few meters away from the Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo boundary. Some of its beaches are really popular with surfers.

WE LIKE THE MOST: the mind-blowing combination of mountain, rainforest and beach

WE LIKE THE LEAST: the uncontrolled and unsustainable growth of the horrible village of Trindade; the chaos during the weekends, when hundreds of youths travel to the village in their own cars bringing Trindade to a halt

HOW TO GET THERE: from Paraty there is a bus every hour which takes you to Trindade for a reasonable price of R$2,50 each way at the time of writing these lines. The trip lasts 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can drive to Trindade.

CAREFUL WITH: the incredibly dangerous access road and the incredibly reckless Brazilian drivers you will find along it

FAVOURITE PLACES: the beach of Cachadaço, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil


  • when you arrive in Trindade, forget the beach right next to the village and go to the do Meio beach, further south: you will find two small beaches separated by a bunch of rocks in the middle. From there to the beach of Cachadaço there is just one little obstacle, a small hill you will have to climb and go down. It’s a short climb that presents no problems in dry weather. However, if the ground is wet, take proper footwear with you, as the climb can get really tricky and slippery.
  • the beach of Cachadaço is completely deserted, the only bars are in the beach of do Meio
  • at the southern end of the Cachadaço beach, a walk through the jungle parallel to the coast will take you to the natural pools of Cachadaço.
  • avoid at all costs visiting Trindade during the weekend

LINKS: Paraty + Trindade

WEATHER FORECAST: Weather in Trindade (Paraty) for the next 10 days


PHOTOS: Trindade

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