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In Brazil you are very likely to come across two species of the local wildlife that can turn a pleasant trip into the holiday from hell. I am talking about two bloodthirsty mosquito especies.

The first one is the pernilongo. It is the most common of all mosquitoes, found throughout the country. Particularly active in the early morning and before and after the sund goes down. It thrives near stagnant water.

The second one is the fearsome borrachudo. Unlike the pernilongo, the borrachudo can’t fly very high, and as a result it bites mainly on the legs. Its bites leave a red spot, and produce an intense and unbearable itching sensation that can last for a week. The borrachudo lives in areas of dense forest. There is a tourist destination in Brazil notorious for being home to the borrachudo, the island of Ilhabela, on the north coast of São Paulo.

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