Brazil in pictures: tropical storms

March 17, 2007 | By More

tropical storm / tormenta tropical

Summer is the rainy season in most of Brazil. In the tropics, it is also the season of the violent summer storms. When the afternoon begins, the skies grow dark, the day turns into night, the streetlights switch themselves on, and the skies open their floodgates for the torrential rain to pour down over the cities.

and the day became night / y se hizo la noche

The rainiest months in London are December and January, with a historical average of 79 mm of rain for the each month. In New York, the rainiest month appears to be July, with an average of 115mm. In São Paulo’s rainiest month, a total of 241 mm are recorded. In the interior of the state of São Paulo, a whopping 650 mm were recorded in January this year.

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