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March 19, 2007 | By More

I would like to mention here a few Brazilian guide books (you can check the Lonely Planets, Rough Guides and the likes at home).

Editora Abril is the leading Brazilian publisher when it comes to guide books. Its flagship is the Guia Quatro Rodas, a thorough guide that covers the whole of Brazil. Unlike tradicional guides, where the different destinations are grouped geographically, in the Quatro Rodas guide all the Brazilian locations of interest to the tourist appear in alphabetical order. Porto Alegre before Porto Seguro and after Parati. For each destination, there is a short list of hotels, restaurants and places of interest. For the main destinations, Quatro Rodas provides far more detailed information. It includes dozens of maps. At the time of writing this entry, the guide costs R$34,95. It can be found pretty much anywhere.

As well as the printed guide, Quatro Rodas is on the internet, on a website where substantial parts of the guide can be read. Search for a location in Encontre uma cidade (Find a city).

Another interesting guide published by Editora Abril is Viajar Bem e Barato (Brazil on a shoestring). It costs R$19,95 and, as its name shows, devotes particular attention to affordable accommodation and food.

For those thinking of travelling along the Brazilian coastline, there is yet another Abril guide, the aptly named Guía de Praias (beach guide). Each page of the guide contains a satellite image of a stretch of the Brazilian coastline, along with information on every single beach you will find along your way. It costs R$29,95.

Finally, and changing the publisher, Publifolha publishes the Guias Philips de Turismo Ecológico. Among the titles, guides to the Amazon, the National Parks, the Northeast, Pantanal & Bonito and the South. There are versions in English of the aforementioned titles. Each guide will set you back R$39.

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