Caipirinhas, caipiroskas, caipifrutas

March 19, 2007 | By More


The ubiquitous caipirinha is one of the best known Brazilian drinks, a massive hit with tourists. It is prepared with lime, sugar, crushed ice and cachaça – a fermented drink obtained from the distillation of sugar cane sap.

There are numerous variations of the caipirinha. The caipiroska uses vodka instead of cachaça. The traditional batidas, also known as caipifrutas, use fruit juice, as well as cachaça or vodka. The best caipifrutas are prepared with natural fruit juice. When the fruit is not available, frozen pulp is used instead.

Strawberry batida, peanut batida, cashew nut batida, passion fruit batida. A feast for the senses! Not to mention fruits that are only found in Brazil: acerola, cajá, graviola, pitanga, …

A common denominator to all these cocktails is that the ease with which they enter your body is directly proportional to the intensity of the hangover the following day. You can’t say nobody warned you…

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