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Fernando de Noronha

Although there are scores of diving (and snorkeling) locations along the Brazilian coast, the honest truth is that few would rank highly on a global scale. The exception to this would be the best diving destination in Brazil (or, should I say, the diving destination), the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Top-notch diving in Noronha, with great underwater paleovolcanic landscapes and consistent marine life (it’s a national park). Not that great when it comes to coral reefs. There are three dive operators on the island: Águas Claras, Atlantis Divers and Noronha Divers.

As well as diving, the beauty of Noronha is that snorkelling is just a few metres away from any of the island’s beautiful beaches. Best beaches for snorkeling are Sancho, Porcos, Atalaia and the entrance to the harbour – where a shipwreck is found. Be aware that from November to March, the sea is quite rough. Calm waters from August to October.

Other important diving spots in Brazil are the National Marine Park of Abrolhos (state of Bahia), Bonito (state of Mato Grosso do Sul), for river snorkelling and cave dives, Arraial do Cabo (state of Rio), the southern coast of the Rio state (Ilha Grande, Paraty), and part of the coast of the São Paulo state (Ubatuba, laje de Santos).

At this blog’s Brazil Diving Guide we pointed to a PDF guide where you can find out more about diving spots in Brazil.

Brazil Diving Guide
destination: Bonito
destination: Ilha Grande
destination: Fernando de Noronha
Nautical Tourism in Brazil

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