Air conditioning on buses

March 20, 2007 | By More

If you are caught unawares, your long bus ride through Brazil might well become the shortest trip ever to pneumonia. Whether summer or winter, hot or cold, you cannot board a long-distance bus in Brazil without at least a good fleece. Air-conditioning temperatures inside buses borders on the reckless.

It’s stiffling hot outside, the temperature doesn’t seem to stop rising. Ok, I concede air-conditioning is not such a bad idea. But why on earth do you need the air conditioning on full blast when the temperature outside is, say, 24 degrees? So these people who ask for air conditioning can stand 40 degrees at the beach but can’t stand 24 degrees inside the bus? Oh, please.

And the problem is not restricted to long-distance buses. Take Fernando de Noronha. There is a small minibus running from one side of the tiny island to the other. You have spent your day at the beach, with nothing else than your swimwear and a towel. Your body is wet. You board the bus to take you back to your pousada and, there it is again, full blast air conditioning. You start shaking, your sweat freezes, and begin to wonder whether anyone will sell you a fleece anywhere on a tropical island.

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