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March 21, 2007 | By More

The Sistema Brasileiro de Museus is a government’s website that contains information on all Brazilian museums.

As usual, and this is a sad reality of tourism in Brazil, the page is in Portuguese only, and the interface is all but user-friendly.

To get specific information on museums, do the following:

  1. choose Cadastro Nacional de Museus on the left sidebar
  2. on the menu that will appear on the middle of the page, choose Conheça os Museus Brasileiros
  3. you will end up on a search engine where you can find information on a specific museum, if you know its name, or a listing of all the museums either in an specific state or in the whole of Brazil. To see the list of all the museums insert $ on the Entre com as palavras box.
  4. Lo más interesante de la página es que en los resultados os aparece información detallada sobre los museos (incluyendo los horarios de funcionamiento) además de la página web de los mismos si la tuvieran.

The results page contains detailed information on the museums, including their opening times, admission cost, and webpage when there is one.

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