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April 6, 2007 | By More

Google surprised us with GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps and does it again with the launch of My Maps!, an extension to the functionality of GoogleMaps that allows annotations on the satellite images and the maps provided by Google. It’s easy to understand: you can now annotate Google maps with text and multimedia resources such as photographs or videos.

There were solutions to locate photos on GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth (Panoramio) or to draw on top of the maps (QuikMaps) but up until now nothing integrated so many functionalities together. My feeling is that the potential of My Maps! is gigantic.

I’ve just carried out two experiments that give an idea of the potential of MyMaps!

At the post for Caburé, I had described a trip:

a great trip from Caburé leaves up the Preguiças river; jump out of the boat where the Pequenos Lençóis start, and meet your boatman further up the river a couple of hours later at Vassouras. You will have entirely for yourselves one of the most spectacular landscapes in Brazil.

Now I can complement that information with a map of the zone containing paths, photos and comments: trip to the Pequenos Lençóis. Click on the different points and paths to read comments and see photographs of the trip.

At the accommodation reviews I always given the approximate location of the place with a link to GoogleMaps. But up until now I couldn’t give the precise location of the hotels and pousadas. Things have changed, look at the location of these two pousadas and the extra info I can present:

Pousada Vila Kalango [My Maps!]

Pousada Portas da Amazônia [My Maps!]

I am writing this post a few hours after reading the announcement from Google. I haven’t had time for more. But just think of the possibilities: annotated guides of entire towns and cities, beaches and so on. Culinary guides, cultural routes. I am sure we are going to see quite a lot of My Maps! This blog will certainly attempt to make the best possible use of the tool. Suggestions are more than welcome.

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