7 new wonders of the world

April 10, 2007 | By More


While searching for some practical info, I enter the Corcovado website and come across a dreadful text that asks for the vote for Christ and Brazil in the election for the Seven New Wonders of the World. You’ve certainly heard of the vote. From day one, I couldn’t help being baffled by the total lack of critical spirit with which the initiative was embraced by the media. This is the initiative of an individual who is extracting a healthy profit from it, for God’s sake!

The final stage of the election coincides now in Brazil with an explosion of superficial religiousness weeks before the pope visits the country. And now we are told artistic merit doesn’t count, we have to vote for the Corcovado because it represents Christ and because it is Brazilian.

Hard to believe how an initiative like this brings out the worst in a society. I’m not even discussing the merit of the election (although, I have to say, it is quite ludicrous to put the Corcovado on the same list as Angkor Wat). But I’m frustrated by the way a serious analysis on the initiative seems to have vanished altogether.

Incidentally, the path to the top of the Corcovado is controlled today by gangs that make the life of unaware tourists a misery. Putting some order in the mess that is the road to the top of Corcovado would certainly make a difference for the better.

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