From Rio/São Paulo to Iguazu

April 11, 2007 | By More

To get from Rio or São Paulo to Foz do Iguaçu you can either fly or take the bus.

The main airlines (TAM and Gol) fly to Iguazu both from Congonhas and Guarulhos in São Paulo, and from Galeão and Santos Dumond in Rio. You can check timetables and prices for your dates of travel at their websites.

The bus trip takes 16 hours from São Paulo and 24 hours from Rio. The companies going to Foz do Iguaçu are Expresso Kaiowa and Pluma Internacional. Prices and timetables can also be checked online.

Destination: Iguazu Falls
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  1. Ethan says:

    I discovered it’s cheaper when you buy a ticket by phone or at the counter than using the airline’s webpage. It’ll save you a smidge.

    Backpacking on Little Money

  2. Canuck says:

    Hi Tony! Thanks for your other response.
    I’m going to Iguazu on March 4th and the cheapest flight I found was R$369 from Sao Paulo on GOL. This seems very high to me, so I was wondering if you have any ideas on whether airlines tend to drop or raise prices closer to the travel date or if this price is very average? Last Tuesday, for one day, GOL was offering flight from Sao Paulo for R$189…should’ve booked. Oops.

    Also, if I’m leaving Paraty on the 23:30 bus and getting to Sao Paulo at 5:30, will I have enough time to catch the 12:50 flight from Guarulhos? I wasn’t sure how far the bus station is from the airport?


  3. Tony says:

    Canuck, the price sounds alright, airfares are really expensive in Brazil at the moment. Bear in mind that the closer the departure date the more expensive the fare is. You will have plenty of time to get from the bus station to the airport (it depends on the traffic, can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour and a half).

  4. Lisa Dyer says:

    Hi there,

    So I’m trying to book a flight with GOL airlines and they are asking for my CPF and after doing some research I’ve found that its a Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas. But since I’m not Brazilian I dont have a CPF. Does anyone know how to get around this?



  5. Tony says:

    Lisa, at Gol’s home page, select “other countries” from the menu at the top right of the page and proceed with your booking from there.

  6. Lisa Dyer says:

    So I switched that and now it doesn’t want to accept my VISA card, it keeps giving me 2 different error messages that are you in Portugeuse. Perhaps I should just try calling them!

  7. Tony says:

    Lisa, if calling Gol is an option that would definitely be my choice. Purchasing tickets from Gol is a permanent source of headaches for non-residents. In case you didn’t see it, this is Gol’s section on how to pay. All the best!