Change of name to the Devil’s Throat

April 27, 2007 | By More

Another piece of news coming from Iguazu. I’ve just read in La Voz de las Cataratas (in Spanish) that a group of self-appointed religious leaders from Foz de Iguazú want to change the name to the Devil’s Throat, the most impressive of all the falls at Iguazú. Among the arguments for the change (if you can call that an argument) the news item quotes that “if this is the Devil’s Throat then the Devil itself is there, and a marvel created by God can’t have that name.”

The news would give rise to much hilarity if it wasn’t for the fact that it fits in a context of unstoppable advance of religious fundamentalism worldwide, from Washington to Teheran, going through Brazil. In the case of Iguazu, it seems behind the iniative there is a group of evangelical priests – the local Catholic church would have distanced itself from the initiative.

As for the authorship of the falls, it would be a good idea to make it clear that they are the result of erosion. Just in case.

Update: the evangelicals are proposing that the fall be named “The Voice of God”.

destination: Iguazu Falls

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