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May 8, 2007 | By More

Does anybody know whether there is a joint body with members of the Argentinian and Brazilian governments coordinating air safety policies in both countries? In the last few days, you read the headlines of La Nación and they lead you to think you are reading the Folha de São Paulo. You are surfing at the O Globo website and have a feeling of being reading Clarín. The coincidences are amazing. And the common denominator is that the times are rough for those with fear of flying.

The latest on the neverending saga of chaos in the air in Brazil is a report by the Globo network on their 1 o’clock news revealing the serious problems facing the control tower at Guarulhos airport when it needs to communicate with pilotos. The problems are a result of interferences from pirate radio stations. A tape reproducing a hair-rising conversation between an air traffic controller and a pilot has been played on the news. With a touch of black humour – the interference on the system was coming from an evangelical radio, and at one point the pilot says he’s listening to the entire religious service. Here you can read the report as shown at the Jornal Nacional (in Portuguese).

In the case of Argentina, one wonders whether the authorities are waiting for a disaster to happen before they take some definitive action. In the case of Brazil, the disaster happened more than 9 months ago, and things only seem to be getting worse and worse. Who knows, the authorities might be waiting for a second disaster.

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