Brazilian videos: Zu Lai Buddhist temple

May 9, 2007 | By More

I am beginning to publish today a series of videos on Brazilian destinations. I am producing the short presentations (less than 3 minutes) under the name Рthe Spanish branch of this blog. The video that inaugurates the collection is about the Zu Lai Buddhist temple in Cotia, near Ṣo Paulo. An unlikely Brazilian gem.

You can either watch the video on the YouTube screen provided below or download a high-resolution version of the presentation from de viaje a Brasil/videos.

It is an audiovisual presentation, so make sure your computer speakers are on! Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Rcon Pascua says:

    I have a slow connection. I hope you can also post some photos. Anyway thanks for sharing… 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    Hi there, pity about the slow connection. I have an album with photos of the temple here.

  3. Emília says:

    Oi, Tony!
    Queria te dar parabéns pelo site, excelente! Sou uma leitora do blog do Ricardo Freire e do Rodrigo Purisch, onde ele colocou um post sobre você.
    Um abraço!