News: GOL now accepts Visa and MasterCard

May 12, 2007 | By More

Smashing news ahoy! I’ve found the following bit of information on payments at GOL’s website:

Foreign passenger, now you can buy Gol’s tickets with your American Express Card, Mastercard or Visa.
Gol only operates with banks which are part of the MasterCard SecureCode system. In the event of any questions contact the customer service center of your bank credit card issuer.

Up until now, you could only buy flights with GOL through their Brazilian website with an American Express card.

Will this be the end of the torment that was trying to purchase a GOL ticket from abroad? Straightforward purchase of GOL tickets had become the Holy Grail of the foreign visitor to Brazil, and it would seem the problem is now about to end. Don’t forget to let us know if you manage to buy a ticket for a GOL flight!

UPDATE: a reader of De viaje a Brasil reports serious problems trying to purchase a GOL ticket with her VISA card. Apparently, the payment went through but GOL denies having received it as “they don’t allow payments with VISA”. A serious communication problem within GOL, it would seem.


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