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May 14, 2007 | By More

A good while ago I mentioned on this blog the website of the ANTT (a Brazilian government body) with information on Brazilian bus companies and the routes they operate. A very useful page though quite hard to explore – I’ve mentioned several times that top-notch information is not seen in Brazil as a priority when it comes to helping tourists.

Today I want to mention an equally interesting resource, the page of Socicam. If you get over the inital shock (the design of the site is dead ugly) you will be rewarded with some useful information. Socicam is a company that runs several bus stations in Brazil and its site contains information on the bus routes operating from those stations. This is the list of bus stations run by Socicam: Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro), Aracajú (Sergipe), Fortaleza (Ceará), Guarujá (São Paulo), Mogi das Cruzes (São Paulo), Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro), Poços de Caldas (Minas Gerais), Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo), Río de Janeiro, São Carlos (São Paulo), São João da Boa Vista (São Paulo), São José dos Campos (São Paulo) and the three bus stations in São Paulo (Barra Funda, Jabaquara and Terminal Tietê).

For as long as your starting point is one of those bus stations, your search will be succesful – your destination doesn’t need to feature on the list. For instance, you will find information on the São Paulo – Florianópolis route although the Florianópolis bus station is not run by Socicam.

To search for a route, choose Consulta de partidas de ônibus on the left sidebar. Choose your starting point from the Cidade de origem pop-down menu, and your destination from the Cidade – UF de destino menu. Quite straightforward, specially if you compare it with the ordeal that a consultation on the ANTT site is. If you are lucky, your search results will show the webpage and contact details of the company operating the route you were searching for.

Unlike the ANTT site, Socicam only informs the details of the companies, no information on timetables or prices to be found here.

Bus transportation in Brazil

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