Brazilian videos: festas juninas in São Luís

May 17, 2007 | By More

This is the second video from the collection.

It’s longer than the previous one (5 minutes) as it portrays a Brazilian festival that is hardly known outside Brazil and even inside the Brazilian boundaries. I’m talking about the festas juninas -very popular all throughout Brazil- they way they are lived in São Luís, capital of the state of Maranhão. The video presents three different folk displays:

  • the tambor de crioula, an Afro-Brazilian dance practiced mainly by descendents of African slaves. Three drums, each one with a specific function, dictate the rhythm.
  • the quadrilha, a dance of English origin, present in the festas juninas of all Brazil.
  • and the bumba-meu-boi, of which I gave quite a lot of information a couple of days ago here.

The soundtrack for each of the three blocks corresponds to the music played during the events.

You can watch the video on the YouTube screen provided below. This time I haven’t been able to make a high-resolution version available, as the file is too big and I haven’t found a provider that will host the file for free. A pity as the version hosted by YouTube leaves quite a lot to be desired in terms of quality.It is an audiovisual presentation, so make sure your computer speakers are on! Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Racquel says:

    entertaining! I’m sure Brazilians are very proud of their culture.. thanks for sharing this to us! 🙂

  2. Mari Campos says:

    Tony, parabéns pelo blog! Adorei! Que bom saber que tem um espanhol tão apaixonado pelo Brasil, já que há tantos brasileiros, como eu, apaixonados pela Espanha!!!