Arraial d’Ajuda 2007: low season and the weather

June 7, 2007 | By More

This time around I won’t be writing a trip report (like I did last year in Arraial d’Ajuda y la Costa do Descobrimento). Writing a trip report takes a very long time, time I would rather devote to the blog. Instead, I’m going to write a handful of shortish impressions of useful things for anyone planning a trip to the area.

May and June are right in the middle of the low season in the region. So low that some restaurants and pousadas shut their doors so their owners can rest or implement alterations on their premises. This year, the opinion of absolutely everyone we have talked to is that it is the weakest lowest season they can remember, in terms of numbers of touristas. This is mainly due to the strong position of the Brazilian currency, that has driven lots of Brazilian tourists abroad rather than to domestic destinations.

For the tourist, the low season has two main advantages: lower prices and few people around. During the low season you don’t need to book your accommodation before arriving in Arraial (or Trancoso, or Caraíva). Your best approach is to look for a pousada once you get there, as nearly all of them have plenty of spare rooms.

As for the weather, we had sunny days, cloudy days, and just the one rainy day. The weather in the south of Bahia is very difficult to forecast, because it undergoes quick changes. If you get up in the morning and the sky is overcast, don’t despair, in less than an hour you could see a blue sky. The contrary can happen too.

Temperatures between a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 25 to 30 degrees during the day.

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  1. tom says:

    Great post, i’m living in Arraial d’Ajuda and the best time to come is in the low season!! New year and carnaval is just overcrowded and more expensive… Best time: march to june!