Brazilian St. Valentine’s

June 12, 2007 | By More

Before someone kindly corrects me, no, I didn’t get the date wrong. 12 June is the date when Brazilians celebrate lover’s day – not 14 February as in the rest of the world. The official explanation goes that 12 June is the day before St. Anthony’s, a saint with a solid matchmaking reputation. The real story is quite different, the date was chosen by local tradesmen to give sales a push during a time of the year when business is rather weak. On top of that, 14 February is too close to Carnival.

Last night there was hardly any activity in front of the motel next to where I live. The odd car would go in but that was all. Today, we are likely to see long queues of cars waiting outside motels all around the city. Brazilians are no different from the rest of the western world, they like to follow the standards set by consumer society. A romantic dinner, a few hours of torrid sex at a motel, and the absolutely essential upgrade for the mobile phone of your significant other – what would mobile phone manufacturers do without dates like this!

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