Arraial d’Ajuda 2007: prices

June 18, 2007 | By More

Here’s a shortish listing of prices we paid for some services during our week in Arraial d’Ajuda. This info complements this blog’s Prices page.


  • Ferryboat Porto Seguro – Arraial d’Ajuda: R$2,5 (each way, on the way to Arraial you pay a full return fare, no fare is paid on the way back)
  • Bus ferryboat – Arraial d’Ajuda: R$1,30 (ida)
  • Bus Arraial d’Ajuda – Trancoso: R$4 (ida)
  • Van back from the Pitinga beach to Arraial d’Ajuda: R$2
  • Trip to Caraíva in 4-wheel drive: R$200 (4 people, low season price)


  • crepe: from R$8 to R$15.
  • ice-cream (two scoops): from R$2,50 to R$3
  • coconut at the beach: R$2,50
  • pizza for two at a restaurant: from R$15 to R$25
  • beer at a beach bar: from R$2,5 to R$4
  • caipirinha: from R$7 to R$10
  • single-course meal (in Portuguese, prato feito): around R$15
  • baked fish for two (with rice and a salad): from R$40 to R$60

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