How to get from Rio to Angra dos Reis / Paraty

June 20, 2007 | By More

The company Costa Verde has quite a number of daily services from Rio to Angra dos Reis (a three-hour journey), and a slightly smaller number of buses going to Paraty every day (a four-hour journey).

You can check the timetables on its website. Buses leave from the Rodoviária Novo Rio.

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  1. Canuck says:

    Hi! Thanks for such an informative website.
    We are planning to leave Rio (Leblon area) on Feb 27 to go to Ilha Grande, then leave on March 1 to go to Paraty, then leave on the overnight bus on Feb 3 from Paraty to Sao Paulo GRU airport to fly to Iguazu Falls on Feb. 4. We also considered going back to Rio from Paraty to fly to Iguacu since it is closer but more expensive…your suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Is there a specific way that you’d advise us to get from each of those places to the next…we have done a lot of research and read your blog but wanted to get your thoughts on our specific itinerary.

    Do you suggest we book all the bus tickets and flights ahead of time or should we book at the stations? Since we don’t speak Portuguese, is it better to book online? Is it true that foreigners pay a higher price for flights (in particular, from Sao Paulo to Iguacu Falls).

    Thank you!

  2. Tony says:

    Canuck, from Paraty to São Paulo or Rio the distance is similar, choose whichever airport offers you the best deal.
    The info on how to get from Rio to Angra is here. As for the rest of your itinerary:
    From Paraty to Angra dos Reis (and viceversa)
    From São Paulo to Paraty by bus.
    You definitely need to book your flights ahead or you’ll be shocked by the prices you will have to pay for your airfares. As for the bus trips, you won’t be able to book them from abroad so there isn’t much you can do. Book them ahead once you are in Brazil.
    Foreigners do not pay higher prices for flights.
    As this entry is just about how to get from Rio to Angra I would appreciate it if you left any other queries on the relevant sections of the blog. All the best.