Airport trouble

July 2, 2007 | By More

It’s that time of the year when many of you will be coming to Brazil, mainly from the Northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, the following warning is still in force: be very careful, as Brazil is still experiencing a critical situation at its airports. We had yet another weekend of widespread delays and flight cancellations. On Saturday and Sunday, nearly 50% of all the flights were either delayed for more than one hour, or cancelled.

The main piece of advice I have for you is: be very careful with connecting flights. Leave plenty of time between one flight and another or, when possible, avoid connecting flights altogether. Bear in mind that the airlines are washing their hands when it comes to admitting responsability for delays and cancellations. It doesn’t help the role the military is playing on the crisis. The Air Force, responsible for air traffic control in Brazil, attributed Saturday’s delays and cancellations to the fog. Transparency is not the name of the game.

After so many months of trouble at the airports, with a government that hasn’t taken a single effective step towards a solution to the crisis, one feels tempted to ask foreign visitors not to come to Brazil for the time being. Leave it till the Brazilian authorities get their act together and begin to take air travel seriously. But I am not going to call for a boycott. After all, 50% of the flights are leaving on time (or with delays of less than 1 hour), and if you minimize the number of flights you take during your Brazilian holidays chances are you will enjoy a stress-free period of rest.

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