Alternative energy sources in Brazil

July 5, 2007 | By More

wind power

The current president of Brazil gets emotional very easily when dreaming of a future in which Brazil will lead the nations of a new world where clean energies will dominate. As usual, the reality is quite different. While you travel through Brazil, those of you with a keen sense of curiosity will wonder why the gigantic potential Brazil has for the production of clean energies is being wasted in such a shameful way.

Brasil has a total installed windpower capacity of 250WM. An amount dwarfed by the achievements of countries like Germany (18,415 WM) or Spain (11,615WM). The Centro Brasileiro de Energía Eólica has studied the characteristics of the winds blowing in the Northeast of Brazil. Its conclusion is that the potential for the commercial explotation of those winds is even better than that of the winds blowing in Europe. However, you can travel days and days through the Northeast and not come across a single wind turbine.

As for solar energy, an infinite source in the dry and poor northeast, it is conspicuous by its absence.

Instead, the authorities keep favouring less “alternative” solutions. Currently, the construction of megareservoirs in the Amazon region (president Lula has repeatedly accused environmentalists opposing the projects of hindering the development of Brazil), the catastrophic transfer of the river São Francisco to serve the interests of the landowners of the northeast (the initial work is being carried out by the army) and now, the announcement made last week that Brazil will build a third nuclear power station in Angra dos Reis [BBC: work to resume on Brazilian nuclear reactor]. Missed opportunities aplenty.


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