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July 8, 2007 | By More


Yes, here it is, the race for the election of the new seven wonders of nature has begun (I haven’t been able to find on the webpage any clarification on what the ancient wonders of nature were). The election of the 7 new wonders of the world must have been so fabulously profitable for its organizers that they haven’t given it a second thought, here we go again. Who knows what will come next, best pop singer of the universe, best football team ever? One day we might even elect the best politician ever!

Natural wonders abound in Brazil (with a constant threat of destruction hovering over them). It is only to be expected that the Ministry of Tourism will squander millions of reais coming from the pockets of the long-suffering taxpayers to support an initiative that will benefit a private individual, a private bank, several telcos, and whoever else wants to join the circus.

Those of us who dedicate our time to give 2.0 information on Brazil do so without any institutional support whatsoever (a situation that pleases us enormously). But at times we wish information wasn’t so hard to find; we wish a Ministry with 260 high-ranking officials and thousands of servants would produce the kind of information travelers are asking for, information an individual is not in a position to collect: how about a calendar with all the festivals in Brazil? Maps in PDF format anyone can download? Other useful online material? I am under no illusion, things will continue the same. The ever-decreasing money devoted to the promotion of Brazil among all of its potential visitors will be wasted to promote wonders of nature as little known as the Iguazu falls.

Having seen what a population of 180 million can do, it is only to be expected that the Brazilian candidate on this new election, regardless of its merits, will be elected among the 7 new wonders. What the election celebrated now has proved is that the new wonders of the modern world are the result of the rallying power of national groups. Christ the Redeemer defeated the Alhambra simply because there were more Brazilians votes casted than Spanish ones.

In a hypothetical onslaught between, say, the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Iguazu falls, can you imagine who would the winner be? Mind you, I’ve chosen a complicated example. Most of the Iguazu falls are on Argentinian soil – a moot point Brazilians tend to forget too often. Will the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism join forces with its Argentinian counterpart to promote a joint candidacy?

Here at this blog (and at many others as well) we will continue catering for those travellers who are not too bothered with lists and labels, open-minded people with a keen perception of those gems always hidden just around the corner.

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