Taxa de serviço

July 12, 2007 | By More

In Brazil, some hotels and pousadas charge a taxa de serviço (generally 10%), others don’t. When finding out prices for accommodation, it is advisable to ask whether that taxa de serviço is included or not in the price.

In places that have nothing to hide, their price list will show clearly whether the tax is charged on top of the price of the room (“Taxa de serviço 10%“), whether it is already included on the price (“10% Taxa de serviço já inclusa“) or whether there is no charge at all (“Não cobramos taxa de serviço“). When that information is not present, do find out what is the final price you will end up paying.

Dishonest hoteliers – and absolute minority, to be fair to them, hide that tax only for it to make an unwelcome appearance on your final bill.


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