Brazil – Argentina

July 15, 2007 | By More

Or Argentina – Brazil, it’s all the same. I’m writing this entry a few hours before the final match of the Copa America, in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where the national teams from both countries will clash, a repetition of the final celebrated three years ago in Peru.

Brazil – Argentina represent the biggest rivalry in the football world (at least between countries with a long tradition on the sport), comparable only to historical rivalries between clubs, such as Boca and River, Barcelona and Madrid, Inter and Milan or Celtic and Rangers. Fortunately, and for the majority of supporters, the animosity between nations begins and ends on the football pitch. Once the game is over rivalries are forgotten; Brazilians love to holiday in Argentina, Argentinians love Brazil as a destination for their own leisure time (a feeling that fluctuates along with the exchange rate of the peso and the real). Fanaticism is restricted to a few hardcore supporters and to the most famous Brazilian sports commentator, a true exponent of xenophobia.

I’ve seen today on Buenos Aires Argentina Guide two photographs that show the creativity that the Brazil-Argentina rivalry can inspire. The first photograph shows an ad belonging to a publicity campaign run in 2004 by a condom manufacturer. The second photograph shows the reply made by Brazilian creative geniuses. It’s worth seeing them, those of you who like clever advertising will take pleasure in seeing what can be done with two letters.

I would like Argentina to win the final today. I like football, and Argentina have given us tons of excellent football during the cup. While Dunga’s Brazil have left me on a comatose state.

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