Destination: Lençóis (Bahia)

July 17, 2007 | By More

[from our friend Lily]

Lençóis is a charming little village in the state of Bahia, entry point to the Chapada Diamantina, a National Park in the middle of the Brazilian sertão. Most visitors to the National Park will spend some time in Lençóis, a place that depends almost exclusively on tourism.

WE LIKE THE MOST: the piece and quiet; the well-kept village, that has managed to conserve its charm while at the same time providing all sorts of services to tourists

WE LIKE THE LEAST: couldn’t find anything wrong with the place, if only, the four-hour bus trip from Salvador

HOW TO GET THERE: with the bus company Real Express from the bus station in Salvador. There are three buses a day.

unprofessional and underage guides, totally unprepared. Reliable agencies provide reliable guides – all the agencies in Lençóis have the same prices.

FAVOURITE PLACES: the entire Chapada Diamantina is a present (yet another one!) mother nature gave to Brazil


  • if you are not a trekking kind of person, don’t bother with the four-hour trip to Lençóis. Lençóis is all about walking outdoors
  • excellent (and cheap!) Brazilian food next to the Hostal Chapada – there’s a lady with an improvised dining room that prepares a chicken that will blow you away

LINKS: Guia Lençóis, Guia Chapada Diamantina, Chapada

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Lençóis for the next 10 days


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