Avoid Congonhas airport at all costs

July 23, 2007 | By More

If you are coming to Brazil and are planning to take domestic flights, you should avoid at all costs Congonhas airport in São Paulo. An tragedy like the one last week is unlikely to happen in the short term again. The problem is that the chaos that descended on Congonhas after the accident last week is still there in force. Out of 215 scheduled flights today, 167 were cancelled and 18 took off with a delay of more than 1 hour. Those with a cancelled flight are having to wait two or three days until they are realocated onto another flight.

To make things worse, a couple of hours ago there was a landslide right at the end of the runway where the TAM Airbus left the airport before crashing last week. The runway ends on a steep decline, and part of that decline has come down. It would seem that when the Airbus went through the end of the runway it damaged the drainage system of that part of the airport.

Keep an eye on this spot, there’s plenty more news coming. Among them, a substantial increase of air fares in Brazil, fares that had had for a good while prices similar to those of the first world.

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