How to calculate the distance between two cities

August 1, 2007 | By More

What’s the distance between…? How far are…? Many end up here on this blog looking for an answer to questions like these ones. I want to introduce to you today a tool that will allow you to find that information effortessly on your own.

Three months ago I wrote about the new features introduced by Google for their Google Maps: My Maps!

And now the relentless flow of ideas from the Google factory brings us a new feature. We can add interactive content to our very own GoogleMaps page. While not essential, having a Google account is a good idea, as it allows to keep all changes made to your pages for future return visits.

We are going to add a distance measurement tool to our Google Maps. For that, you need to access Google Maps, and on the Results/My maps tab (Resultados/Mis mapas in Spanish), on the left hand side of the screen, click on My Maps:

[the default language on my Google account is Spanish, and all the screenshots are in that language. I’m providing translations for all the steps]


Next, choose Add content (Añadir contenido in Spanish):


You will be presented with an extense list of all sorts of tools you can add to Google Maps. The one we are after is called Distance Measurement Tool. Once you find it, click on Add to Maps. On the message window that will pop up, click on yes.


On the left sidebar of your page you will now find a line with the title Distance Measurement Tool:


Tick the box before the title to active it, and off you go!

The tool allows you not only to calculate the distance between two points, but also to calculate a path containing several points. For that, you only have to keep adding points to your map, you will see right away how the distance is being updated as you add more points.


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