Liberdade Japanese quarter, São Paulo

August 3, 2007 | By More

[article originally published in Spanish in the blog de São Paulo]

We can hardly hide it, we have a soft spot for the Japanese quarter of Liberdade, in São Paulo. It’s our favourite part of the city. An exceptional place with a unique atmosphere on its streets. We don’t know of any other place in São Paulo where we feel as if we were in a traditional quarter of a European city or even Buenos Aires.

Liberdade, São Paulo

Liberdade was originally a gathering point for the Japanese colony in Brazil (don’t forget São Paulo is the largest Japanese city outside Japan). Today the ethnic make-up of the population of Liberdade is more diverse, with Chinese and Koreans, as well as Brazilians.

bairro da Liberdade

It’s very easy to reach the Liberdade using public transportation. There is an underground station (estação Liberdade, blue line) at its main square.

bairro da Liberdade

Walking along the streets of Liberdade is excellent fun, discovering shops selling all sorts of Japanese goods, venturing yourselves into Japanese and Chinese restaurants, and finding out small surprises on the way.

Toyo Matsuri

We have just published a FREE GUIDE TO THE LIBERDADE quarter (so far, only in Spanish and Portuguese) that can be downloaded from the blog de São Paulo.

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  1. Megalead11 says:

    Brazil has a diverse population. No wonder today population of this Japanese colony has Koreans and Chinese in large number. Your blog has given a nice description of Liberdade.