Whale-watching in Santa Catarina

August 7, 2007 | By More

The whale-watching season is on its way on the southern coast of Brazil. The Right Whale Environmental Protection Area goes from Pinheira, south of Florianópolis, to Rincão, and it’s there where most whales gather together.

When summer arrives in the southern hemisphere, right whales abandon their traditional feeding grounds, in colder latitudes, and seek the shelter of coastal lands where their reproductive cycle takes place. From July to November a sizeable number of right whales gather in the coast of Santa Catarina. The best period to go whale-watching in the region is from the middle of August till the middle of October. The whales have already arrived this year, with dozens of sightings along the coast.

The NGO Projeto Baleia Franca mantains an excellent site on the internet, with plenty of information on the right whale and the Brazilian coast. As well as that, the organization keeps and up-to-date chart with all the daily sightings of whales, showing how many individuals were seen, and where.

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