Top 10: Brazilian music (B-sides)

August 24, 2007 | By More

This is an entirely personal list with Brazilian musicians that feature often on my playlists. I have deliberatedly omitted from the list the big names of Brazilian music. I love the music of Marisa Monte and Chico Buarque, I enjoy very much the music of so many Brazilian artists of worldwide fame. But with this list I want to talk about other artists, most of them very popular in Brazil, but hardly known outside the borders of this country. The list is by no means restrictive. No list could do justice to the seemingly inexhaustible source of musical talent Brazil harbours. The artists featured in this top-10 are listed in alphabetical order.

ANTONIO NÓBREGA (website). From Pernambuco, Antonio Nóbrega is a unique artist: singer, dancer, circus performer, an authority on Brazilian folklore. His records contain wonderful compilations of Brazilian musical folk traditions nearly extinguished. He’s based in São Paulo and his shows are a must. A record: Madeira que cupim não roi. Three songs: Lição de namoro, Olodumaré, Coco da lagartixa. See also on this blog: videos by Antonio Nóbrega.

CHICO CÉSAR (website). Singer and songwriter from Paraíba, like so many others, based in São Paulo. One of the most important songwriters in contemporary Brazilian popular music. A record: Respeitem meus cabelos, brancos. Three songs: 4h15 ou 10 P/3, Quando eu fecho os olhos, Flor de mandacaru. See also on this blog: videos by Chico César.

DAVI MORAES . Son of Moraes Moreira, and former musician of Marisa Monte, Caetano, Carlinhos Brown and many others, Davi Moraes is an extraordinary guitar player. A record: Papo Macaco. Three songs: Dentro da minha cabeça, Pretoriana, Na massa. See also on this blog: videos by Davi Moraes.

GABRIEL O PENSADOR (website). Clever rapper from Rio de Janeiro, Gabriel is the author os some of the most forceful lyrics of the last decades. On a 2001 poll by Rio newspaper O Dia Gabriel was chosen as the person that symbolized Rio better. A record: Seja você mesmo, mas não seja sempre o mesmo. Three songs: Até quando?, Cantão, Brasa. See also on this blog: videos by Gabriel O Pensador.

LENINE (website). From Pernambuco, Lenine is one of the heavy weights of contemporary Brazilian popular music, both as a result of his own records and his contributions to the work of other artists. He’s quite popular in France. A record: Na Pressão. Three songs: Lavadeira do rio, Rosebud (o verbo e a verba), Paciência. See also on this blog: videos by Lenine.

MARINA DE LA RIVA (website). The Spanish language enters this list through the captivating voice of Cuban-Brazilian artist Marina de la Riva. Her first album, with Cuban songs tinged with bossa-nova and other Brazilian rhythms, and a few Brazilian classics, heralds a spectacular career. A record: Marina de la Riva. Three songs: Central constancia, Ta-hi!, Adeus, Maria Fulô – La Mulata Chancletera. See also on this blog: videos by Marina de la Riva.

O RAPPA (website). Rio band that plays a blend of rap and reggae. A record: LadoB Lado A. Three songs: Pescador de Ilusões, Minha alma (a paz que eu não quero), O que sobrou do céu. See also on this blog: videos by O Rappa

SKANK (website). Veteran pop-rock-reggae band founded in Belo Horizonte in 1991. Some of their songs have become real anthems (see Garota Nacional). A record: O Samba Poconé. Three songs: Garota Nacional, Vamos fugir, Vou deixar.

VANESSA DA MATA (website). Singer from Mato Grosso. A record: Essa boneca tem manual. Three songs: , Ai, Ai, Ai, Joaõzinho.

ZECA BALEIRO (website). Artist from São Luís de Maranhão who settled a long time ago in São Paulo. In spite of his young age, he has composed songs for lots of Brazilian artists. A record: Vô Imbolá. Three songs: Mamãe Oxum, Meu amor meu bem me ame, Nega tu dá no couro.


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