Beaches on the state of São Paulo

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The distance from the city of São Paulo to the shore is relatively short, and there is no shortage of beaches along the coastline.

Domingas Dias, Ubatuba

The coast of the state of São Paulo is divided in two large regions:

  • the north coast (litoral norte), from Ubatuba, on the border with the state of Rio de Janeiro, to Bertioga. It includes the towns of Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião and Bertioga, as well as the island of Ilhabela.
  • the south coast (litoral sur), from Guarujá to the Ilha do Cardoso, on the border with the state of Paraná. It includes the cities and towns of Guarujá, Santos, Praia Grande, Mongaguá, Itanhaém, Peruibe and Cananéia.

The nearest beaches to the city of São Paulo are Santos and Guarujá. They are urban beaches, with high rises right by the sand. The kind of beaches unlikely to make foreigners fall in love with.

Going north, as soon as we pass Bertioga, the first beautiful beaches appear: Juquehy, Barra do Saí, Camburí, Maresías. The jewels on the crown are found in the town of Ubatuba.


Going south, the beaches are not so interesting. Santos has a few interesting places, but its beaches do not feature among them. Further south, you will find long open beaches, some of them polluted. In the southermost point of the coast of the state there is an Atlantic Forest reserve: the Ilha do Cardoso, an eco paradise turned into State Park. It is quite far from São Paulo and access is done through a notorious road: the rodovia Régis Bittencourt.

destination: Maresias
Hotels and pousadas in Ubatuba

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