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September 10, 2007 | By More

Bonito is an eco-tourism destination quite popular among Brazilians and little known among foreigners. It is located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the southernmost tip of the Pantanal region. There is an entry for Bonito on this blog, destination: Bonito. From the trip made in 2001 I uploaded a handful of snapshots (taken with a 1MP digital camera and with a reflex camera and then scanned at home) at Photo album: Bonito.


Now Emília, a Brazilian friend of this blog, has began her own blog: A Turista Acidental. Her first trip report is about Bonito, where she went recently. The entries of her blog are quite extense and filled with useful information and plenty of photographs. It is in Portuguese, though. No language skills needed to look at the pictures but you will need some basic linguistic skills to understand the texts.

caimán / cayman

Emília’s trip report begins at Bonito: Páginas Amarelas and going back in time takes us to Anhumas abyss, snorkelling on the rio da Prata, waterfalls on the rio Peixe, Acuario natural, Gruta del Lago Azul and snorkelling on the rio Sucuri.

If you needed more reasons to make up your mind whether to go to Bonito or not, now you have them. Emília loved it. I loved it too. Fun that does not harm the environment.

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  1. Emília says:

    Tony, thank you also for the link here. Although I don’t have plans to translate the blog due to time restrictions, anyone who wants more information on the posts can make a comment and I’ll answer in english.