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September 25, 2007 | By More

While on the supermarket last week, we came across a new type of snack. Packed in the same bag as traditional crisps [chips], you now have the choice of mandioca (cassava, manioc) and inhame (yam). We bought a bag of each to find out what they tasted like.

ñame, manioc, mandioca, name, yam

Mandioca (also known as aipim and macaxeira) is part of the staple diet on several parts of Brazil. What we found inside the bag had an excellent appearance, with hints of the real texture of mandioca. A pity the taste was quite bland. We couldn’t help but recall all those fried mandiocas we’ve eaten so many times at the beach!

ñame, mandioca, manioc, name, yam

Inhame is an edible root vegetable quite popular in the north and northeast of Brazil, as well as in the Caribbean. The contents of the bag had an elaborate appearance as well. As I hadn’t tasted real inhame before, I can’t compare it to the industrial thing. However, the taste was much nicer than the mandioca in the other package. The cool beer we had on stand by went down really well along this seemingly unique Brazilian snack.

ñame, mandioca, manioc, name, yam

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