From Salvador to Morro de São Paulo

November 6, 2007 | By More

Many of you will stretch your Salvador trip to visit lovely Morro de São Paulo. Here’s an explanation of the different means of transportation that will take you there.


From Salvador airport, there are two companies that fly to Morro. The flight lasts 20 minutes and both companies charge a similar fare, around R$180 each way. During the high season there are several flights per day.


The boat leaves from the Terminal Marítimo, just across the Mercado Modelo in Salvador. There are several differen types of boat crossing to Morro, including catamarans. The trip lasts 2 hours and there are several sailings per day. Each way costs between R$50 and $60 depending on the type of boat.

Careful, depending on the state of the sea, the trip can be a really rough experience.


The companies Aguia Branca and São Geraldo go to Valença, the nearest city to Morro, making a very long detour. From Valença you can take a boat that will take you to Morro in a couple of hours (R$4), or a speedboat that will get you there in 20 minutes (R$10).

You can also take a ferry to Itaparica (Terminal Bom Despacho) from the Terminal São Joaquim in Salvador. When you get to Itaparica, take a bus or a van to get you to Valença (1 hour and a half), from where you’ll take a boat as explained in the previous paragraph.


Flying is the fastest way to get to Morro, but it doesn’t come cheap. If sailing is not your thing and you can afford the plane, it’s an interesting option. The second fastest alternative is the catamaran. For those wanting to save up to the latest possible cent/penny, a trip through Valença would be the choice.

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  1. William says:

    Thats a very nice island! I have been there a week ago and did a amazing whale whatching trip. We saw many humpback whales jumping. Was great!

  2. Tony says:

    How lucky you saw the humpbacks! Must have been quite an experience!