World Travel Awards: the results

November 13, 2007 | By More

Among the things I hadn’t mentioned yet due to my holiday break it was the results of the South American World Travel Awards. Of the outlandish predictions I made when I first mentioned the contest a few months ago (World Travel Awards), one has come true. São Paulo’s airport [sic] was elected the best South American airport. As I had already pointed out, there is no way you can tell whether the award went to Congonhas airport (the choice would be in the worst possible taste after the TAM Airbus tragedy) or to Guarulhos airport. Common sense makes me think we are talking about the latter. An airport that is overcrowded, uncomfortable, obsolete, with no decent public transportation to get you there. Waiting for an expansion that never comes. Is this the best airport in South America? I dread to think what things are like on the rest of the continent!

Of course, it never crossed my mind that initiatives like the World Travel Awards were nothing other than marketing campaings. What surprises me is to see such glaring mistakes being made.

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