The latest craze, melon ice-cream

November 19, 2007 | By More

Who would imagine, a melon ice lolly (Popsicle) is becoming a craze in São Paulo. It all began on the oriental quarter of Liberdade. We saw the ice-cream for the first time in July. So many people walking around holding a green lolly. When we tried to buy one to taste it, it was sold out. Since then, what could have perfectly been kept within the boundaries of the Japanese community, reached other parts of the city. Today you can buy your melon ice-cream on the avenida Paulista and even in the small Japanese supermarket of our very own part of São Paulo.

Liberdade, São Paulo

In actual fact, the product comes from Korea, and is manufactured by Bing. One wonders what the logistics of transporting ice-cream from Korea to Brazil must be like. Visions of hungry sailors stuffing themselves with ice-cream come to mind. As well as the melon ice lollies, you can also buy other Korean delicacies such as watermelon ice-cream or red beans ice-cream.

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