Birds from the Atlantic Rainforest

November 23, 2007 | By More

One thing that makes the beaches of the northern coast of São Paulo (and the southern coast of Rio, and other bits further south) unique is that they are found right by the Atlantic rainforest. The biodiversity of the Mata Atlántica, as the forest is known in Portuguese, is unrivalled. The scenery too. The sequence of water, sand, forest and mountains can’t be found anywhere else in Brazil.

The contact with the tropical forest brings the visitor in close contact with different bird species. You only have to sit and rest and wait for the birds to appear. The birds that appear on this entry where all photographed within the space of an hour on the little village of Barra do Sahy, state of São Paulo.

saí-azul / blue dacnis
saíra-sete-cores / green-headed tanager (Tangara seledon)
tiê-sangue / Brazilian tanager
gaturamo-verdadeiro / violaceous euphonia
sanhaçu-cinzento / sayaca tanager

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