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Rio bus station: Terminal Novo Rio

Rio bus station: Terminal Novo Rio

The Terminal Novo Rio is Rio’s main bus station. It is near the centre of the city, in an unsavoury area of the city. We do not recommend walking around the station, it is not safe – the station is safe, though. It consists of two large buildings connected by a footbridge.

Enlarge map

The station’s website Terminal Novo Rio couldn’t be more unfriendly. The only information, a box Partidas where you can write the name of your destination to find out which companies travel there (with links to their websites when available), which platforms do the buses leave from, which counters do you buy the tickets from, and how long is the trip – both in time and distance.

At the Novo Rio there is a left-luggage facility (Guarda Volume en portugués). At the time of writing this entry the cost per piece of lugagge is R$5. You need to take them with you at the end of the day.


There is a regular shuttle service run by the company Real connecting the airport with the bus station. Buses run every 30 minutes, from 05:30am till 23:30pm. Right now, the ticket costs R$6.

You have to make sure the bus you are boarding goes to Novo Rio, as some of the routes operated by the company do not go to the bus station. Also, be aware the terminus might not be at the Novo Rio but much further away. When in doubt, ask the driver.


For those unfamiliar with Rio, the simplest and safest way of getting to town is the taxi. Inside the station there are several taxi stands – they all operate fixed fares that change depending on the part of the city you are going to.

For those familiarized with Rio, and travelling light, there is a shuttle bus linking the terminal Novo Rio with the Estácio underground station. Ask staff at the station to find out where to take the bus.

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January desktop calendar

January desktop calendar

New year, new calendar. We begin the year with surfers on the Praia Grande in Arraial do Cabo. The calendar is available for download at the calendars section of this blog.

January 2007

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Most popular entries in 2007

Most popular entries in 2007

A list of the most popular entries of the blog when the year comes to an end.

  1. Carnival 2008 dates. Carnival is one of the first words that come to mind when you think of Brazil, and the number one entry on this list goes to prove it.
  2. Top 10 favourite places in Brazil. A list of my favourite places in the country.
  3. Destination: Fernando de Noronha. A guide to the ultimate destination in Brazil. Not cheap. Worth every single cent.
  4. From Buenos Aires to São Paulo/Rio by bus. Apparently, a popular entry point into the country.
  5. Destination: Natal. The beaches of Natal have a big appeal to Europeans.
  6. Destination: Lençóis Maranhenses. Another outstanding destination in Brazil, little known, well-preserved. Who knows for how long.
  7. link: Socicam (bus routes). A link to find out all about bus routes in Brazil.
  8. link: buses in Brazil. Another link that completes the information given on the previous entry.
  9. Destination: Jericoacoara. Jericoacoara has a nearly mythical status among travellers.
  10. Destination: Paraty. The jewel in the crown. A perfect getaway from Rio.

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<em>Toyo Matsuri</em> in São Paulo

Toyo Matsuri in São Paulo

Toyo Matsuri

The Toyo Matsuri, held at the beginning of December in the oriental quarter of Liberdade, in São Paulo, is, along with the Tanabata Matsuri celebrated in July, the most important festival of the Japanese community in São Paulo. The festival has been held for 39 years now. If during the Tanabata Matsuri the streets of the Liberdade were decorated with bamboo shoots, for the Toyo Matsuri white banners were hang.

Toyo Matsuri

This year the media didn’t contribute to the promotion of the festival – it seemed more concerned with promoting consumerism on the run-up to Christmas. Because of the lack of publicity, the quarter wasn’t as crowded as it was during the celebration of the Tanabata Matsuri. Thank God for that, as it was a really hot and sunny day. The program for the weekend included all kinds of folk performances.

Toyo Matsuri

Some of the performances were identical to the ones we saw at the Tanabata Matsuri – we didn’t mind at all. Other performers introduced new elements, customes and colours.

Toyo Matsuri

For us, the main event of the festival was the taiko bands (the traditional Japanese drum).

Toyo Matsuri

Taiko bands represent traditions from different regions of Japan.

Toyo Matsuri

The energy put into the performances is contagious.

Toyo Matsuri

The complete photo album of the pictures taken on Saturday is here: Toyo Matsuri in São Paulo.

Make a note, the Toyo Matsuri festival is held yearly at the beginning of December.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

To the readers of this blog who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you!

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