Prices in Búzios

December 7, 2007 | By More

I’m just back from lovely Búzios, and here is up-to-date information on current prices on the region (valid for November 2007):

  • internet (1 hour): from R$2
  • burguer, Coke and fries: from R$10
  • crepe: from R$9
  • bikini: from R$15 (each piece)
  • souvenir t-shirt: from R$10
  • flip-flops [thongs]: from R$10
  • swimming trunks: from R$15
  • large mozzarella pizza: from R$10
  • Coca-Cola: from R$2,50
  • beer: from R$2,50
  • basic meal at a simple restaurant: from R$7 excluding drinks
  • fish filet for one person: from R$13
  • meal at an average restaurant: from R$15 excluding drinks
  • car rental (no air-con): from R$80 per day (R$130 during the high season)
  • buggy rental: from R$70 per day (R$120 during the high season)
  • liter of petrol [gas]: R$2,75
  • taxi just about everywhere in Búzios: R$15
  • public transportation (in vans) throughout Búzios: R$2
  • boat trip to beaches and islands: from R$30 (R$50 during the high season)
  • 2 hours long inland trip on an open-air truck throughout 12 beaches: R$30 (R$50 during the high season)
  • taxi boat from the center to neighbouring beaches: betweenb R$5 and R$10
  • van transfer from Rio de Janeiro’s international airport to Búzios: R$50 (one way)
  • air-con bus from Rio de Janeiro to Búzios: R$23,70 (one way)


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