Brazil in pictures: Arraial do Cabo

December 18, 2007 | By More

Flickr hosts now my Arraial do Cabo photo album, where you will find a portrait of sunny Arraial do Cabo and its incredible beaches.

Prainha beach is a good example of what Arraial has to offer in terms of beaches – it’s the first beach you will come across on your arrival to Arraial.

Prainha, Arraial do Cabo

Or praia Grande, with its whiter than white sands.

Praia Grande, Arraial do Cabo

You can spend endless hours watching surfers ride the waves. Waves that sometimes come in twos!

Praia Grande, Arraial do Cabo

You will also get the chance to see the city growing taking over areas of native forest.

Arraial do Cabo

There is some fun to be had at the praia dos Anjos.

Arraial do Cabo

And from praia do Forno I will only show here the ubiquitous seller. I will dedicate a special entry on the blog to the photographs of this outstanding beach (if you go to the album you will find the pictures there).

praia do Forno, Arraial do Cabo

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