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December 31, 2007 | By More

The Terminal Novo Rio is Rio’s main bus station. It is near the centre of the city, in an unsavoury area of the city. We do not recommend walking around the station, it is not safe – the station is safe, though. It consists of two large buildings connected by a footbridge.

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The station’s website Terminal Novo Rio couldn’t be more unfriendly. The only information, a box Partidas where you can write the name of your destination to find out which companies travel there (with links to their websites when available), which platforms do the buses leave from, which counters do you buy the tickets from, and how long is the trip – both in time and distance.

At the Novo Rio there is a left-luggage facility (Guarda Volume en portugués). At the time of writing this entry the cost per piece of lugagge is R$5. You need to take them with you at the end of the day.


There is a regular shuttle service run by the company Real connecting the airport with the bus station. Buses run every 30 minutes, from 05:30am till 23:30pm. Right now, the ticket costs R$6.

You have to make sure the bus you are boarding goes to Novo Rio, as some of the routes operated by the company do not go to the bus station. Also, be aware the terminus might not be at the Novo Rio but much further away. When in doubt, ask the driver.


For those unfamiliar with Rio, the simplest and safest way of getting to town is the taxi. Inside the station there are several taxi stands – they all operate fixed fares that change depending on the part of the city you are going to.

For those familiarized with Rio, and travelling light, there is a shuttle bus linking the terminal Novo Rio with the Estácio underground station. Ask staff at the station to find out where to take the bus.

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Comments (5)

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  1. Tuomas Mäkelä says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    How can I get from Rio De Janeiro International Airport to Novo bus station by bus if possible? I’m going to Angra Dos Reis 10th of October and my plane arrive at 7.35 pm.

    sincerely yours,

    Tuomas Mäkelä

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Tuomas, if you read the entry carefully you will find the answer to your question. See “HOW TO GET TO THE NOVO RIO TERMINAL FROM RIO’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (GALEÃO/TOM JOBIM)”.

  3. Ross says:

    I want to take a bus from Novo Rio terminal to Bom Jardim RJ, 170 KM.
    I am traveling with 4 children, and my wife. Can I find out exactly which bus to take online? I am told a direct bus exists. Over Novo Friburgo is another possibility, perhaps from there a taxi (20 KM)? I am coming from Germany, a sitting duck perhaps in the eye’s of bus terminals criminals. What should I avoid? I plan to where my rattiest clothing and not shave for 3 days. Or should I bite the bullet and shell 200 some odd dollars out for two taxi’s (6 people)? I have traveled throughout eastern africa by bus and on foot, Mexico, and the states. Not to mention eastern europe, pre EU! Turkey, north africa, etc. Why I am so afraid of Brazil is sort of a mystery, I am is all. Should I be?



  4. Johannes says:

    Hi Ross,

    So how was it? I wonder if one should be so cautious or not..since i’m going to Brasil for 3 months and am having the same feeling, despite being a globetrotter.


  5. Tony says:

    Oh, dear, Ross’ query went unanswered, I’m so sorry. It’s my policy to reply to each and every query that appears in the commentary box, but sometimes I return from a trip and find 200 messages waiting for me and mistakes happen. My apologies to Ross.

    Johannes, the bus terminal is ok, it’s just been refurbished and for as long as you don’t go for a stroll around the neighbourhood (bad, bad idea) you will be ok. Take the same precautions you would take on any large bus station. As for the rest of the city, I don’t think there is any point in trying not to look like a tourist, you will never succeed. Just be careful, don’t show any valuables and keep your eyes opened most of the time. Most people return from Brazil unharmed and having had a great time.