Tide charts

January 4, 2008 | By More

Two pages with tide charts for a sizeable number of places along the Brazilian coast:

Tablas de mareas (aondefica.com) and Portal Oceánico. Here, search for the Tábua de Marés section on the bottom-left-hand side of the page.

Very useful for those intending to dive, surf or any other type of activity involving the sea.

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  1. jimbino says:

    I have twice walked the beaches between Barra de Sto. António, AL and Porto de Galinhas, PE and both times thought a tide chart would be most useful.

    Last time, heading south and about end our trip in Barra, we approached the colored cliffs at Carro Quebrado, where we had only an hour to hurry with our heavy backpacks past the cliffs before the tide would rise up along the cliffs, closing the passage. The alternative was to go back and wait six or so hours, but we were tired and hungry.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Jimbinho, it is amazing how tide charts can be really handy in so many ocassions. Buggy riders in the northeast also depend heavily on them.