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February 4, 2008 | By More

I thought it would be interesting for occasional readers of the blog to prepare a summary of what’s been published here over the last few weeks.

The priority on this blog is to give the visitor useful information to help plan their trip to the country. In this context, we learned how to find out what’s the time in any part of Brazil at any given moment in What time is it in Brazil?. We also learned about the Abbreviations of the names of the Brazilian states – Brazilians use them the whole time. We mentioned a useful tool to find out about Petrol [gas] prices in Brazil and another tool to check out Tide charts. I prepared a full listing of Youth hostels in Brazil which will be of help to those seeking for affordable accommodation.

The blog took us to diverse places, like Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian paradise for which I prepared a detailed map, the Costa dos Alcatrazes in the state of São Paulo, or PETAR, a pot-holer’s paradise, also in the state of São Paulo. We also learned more about Rio bus station: Terminal Novo Rio

Health issues are very important and that’s why we paid special attention to yellow fever in Yellow fever alert and Ten facts about yellow fever in Brazil.

Quite a few people must have been quite surprised to find out there is a large Japanese community living in Brazil. 2008 is a very special year for them as it is the celebration of 100 years of Japanese presence in Brazil. Previous to that, we saw pictures of the Toyo Matsuri in São Paulo.

For those interested on domestic flights at reduced prices we mentioned the TAM Airpass 2008.

At the end of last year we visited the Região dos Lagos, resulting on a wealth of information on the area: Destination: Arraial do Cabo; Destination: Búzios; Brazil in pictures: Arraial do Cabo; Brazil in pictures: Búzios; Prices in Búzios; Map of the beaches of Arraial do Cabo, Búzios and Cabo Frio; Transportation between Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio and Búzios; Rua dos biquinis, Cabo Frio; The most beautiful beach in Brazil?.

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