taxis from Guarulhos int’l airport in São Paulo

March 5, 2008 | By More

aeropuerto de Guarulhos

The only taxi company authorized to operate at the international airport of Guarulhos is Guarucoop. Their taxis are white with two blue stripes. They go to different parts of the city and they always charge a fixed fare that changes according to the distance travelled.

aeropuerto de Guarulhos

On the external side of the departures level there is a Guarucoop counter, where you can find out how much your fare will cost. A ride to Avenida Paulista will set you back approximately R$90.

taxis from Congonhas domestic airport in São Paulo

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  1. Helmut Mifka says:

    Taxi-Driver (german or english-speaking) who make a Taxi-Tour with Sightseeing from Airport Guarulhos to the Cruise-Terminal of Santos.

    Dear Ladies and Sirs,
    on Sonday 15.March 2009, we (we are a austrian couple) arrive with IB 6825 on Airport GRU at 06:55am. After Check Out we will go with one of your friendly Taxi-Driver (german or english-speaking) to the Cruise-Terminal in Santos. On the way we will make Sightseeing (Video- and Photostops) by beautiful places and buildings in Sao Paulo and we will go on the wonderful Anchieta/Imigrantes to the ship in Santos. Arrive time by the Ship Costa Magica ca. 03 or 04pm (Departure time from the ship is 06pm). How much cost this trip?
    Thank you for offer and greetings to sao paulo
    Anneliese + Helmut Mifka from Innsbruck Austria

  2. Tony says:

    Helmut, I don’t work for the tourist industry. See more on the blog and the blogger/contact.

  3. Heinz says:

    Dear Ladies and Sirs,
    we will arrive at GRU on 12.07.09 06p.m. and like to go directly to the town of ITU, about 100km, interiror of SP. We are 4 (almost) adults and will have 4 oversee-big-size luggage. We all speak portugies and know the exact adress.
    Which type of car do your recommend for this trip and how much we have to pay for?
    Rgs Heinz

  4. Tony says:

    Heinz, get in touch directly with the taxi company to obtain that info. They usually have large cabs that accommodate groups with lots of luggage.

  5. Bob Clement says:

    Price of a taxi from Guarulhos Airport to Santos E-mail address How does this fare compare to a bus fare?

  6. Tony says:

    Approx R$250, but check with Guarucoop.
    Guarulhos Airport – Santos by bus: R$17.

  7. Lynette says:

    Will the taxi’s take 5 adults of small to average size? we will have small carry on luggage.What is the cost going to apartment near Praca Toronto?

  8. Tony says:

    Lynette, standard cabs will only take four passengers, but I’m not sure whether the airport fleet has larger cabs accommodating more passengers. You might want to send the company an email checking that out. A taxi to Praca Toronto will cost you approximately R$90.

  9. marie claude says:

    please send me informations abour buses direct from the airport sao paulo guarulos direct to santos or guaruja
    thanck you

  10. Tony says:

    Marie Claude, bus company Expresso Brasileiro has a direct bus from Guarulhos airport to Santos. You can check timetables and prices at its website.

  11. cly says:

    quanto custa a corrida de taxi de Aruja’ ate guarulhos?

  12. Tony says:

    Cly, for the benefit of other readers, and as it is the official language of the blog, I’ll reply to your query in English. You will have to get in touch with the taxi company through its website to obtain the information you requested.