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Ilha do Campeche

The island of Florianópolis, object of desire of Argentinians, Uruguayans, Paraguayans as well as thousands of Brazilians (mainly from Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo), is a well-rounded holiday destination that touches on the heavenly in some places. The combination of an excellent quality of life with beautiful beaches and hills make of Floripa, as it is known familiarly, the guarantee of a succesful holiday.


The island is roughly divided in three main regions: the north, where the beaches popular among Argentinians are; the centre, where the capital of the state is found as well as the Lagoa da Conceição; and the south, with beautiful beaches that attract less visitors than their northern counterparts.

dunas da Joaquina


The beaches, the gentle nature of the natives, food, landscapes, affordable prices, safety.


Poor infrastructures; it seems hard to believe that a tourist destination that generates so much revenue should have a road network in such a precarious state. Going places during the high season is torture. Getting to some of the beaches, hell. We also profoundly disliked all the building work completed and in progress in environmentally protected areas.

praia Brava


By car, bus or plane. The first option is chosen by many Argentinians, Uruguayans and Paraguayans. There are regular bus services from Porto Alegre, Curitiba and São Paulo. The main Brazilian airlines all fly to Florianópolis airport. As well as numerous charter flights from Argentina and Chile.

praia Mole


The high season: a sizeable part of the island becomes a gigantic traffic jam; water supply to the northern part of the island becomes a problem too.


Campeche island, Campeche beach, the Joaquina dunes, the Lagoa da Conceição

sandboarding, dunas da Joaquina


  • around the Lagoa da Conceição, and especially in the part known as Canto da Lagoa, there are numerous restaurants popular among Brazilians where few foreign tourists venture.
  • one of the traditional dishes of the island is the seqüência de camarâo, several servings of prawns [shrimps] cooked in different ways, accompanied by fish and crab. It is found all throughout the island, but the most traditional place to eat the seqüência is the Lagoa da Conceição.
  • although it is not impossible to travel by public bus throughout the island, it is an exercise that demands quite a lot of patience. If you are in Florianópolis for a short stay, our advice is for you to rent a car. For longer stays, when you will only be visiting one beach per day, you can use the public transportation system.
  • crime rates in Florianópolis are lower than in other big Brazilian cities; it doesn’t mean crime doesn’t exist but, in this regard, Florianópolis is much safer than São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Recife.
  • during the coming weeks we will publish detailed information on the blog on the beaches and places of interest of Florianópolis. Links to the new material will appear here as the entries are published.


We have full listings of accommodation for Campeche, Canasvieiras and Praia dos Ingleses.



The weather in Florianópolis for the next 10 days

surfistas / surfers




North (Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Jurerê, Canasvieiras, Brava, Ingleses, Santinho, Barra da Lagoa), Center (Mercado Municipal, Lagoa da Conceição, Praia Mole), South (Armação, Ribeirão da Ilha, Pântano do Sul), Campeche and Campeche island and sandboard in the Joaquina dunes.

Ilha do Campeche

Map of Florianópolis
Brazil in pictures: Florianópolis
Florianópolis North: what to do and where to go
Florianópolis Centre-Lagoa: what to do and where to go
Florianópolis South: what to do and where to go
Ilha do Campeche
bar do Arante, Florianópolis

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  1. William says:

    Billy from Philly & my wife Sunshine here…

    I’m an American & my dream-girl wife is Brazilian. We’re living in Bahrain and planning a vacation trip to Florinapolis.

    Champagne taste…beer budget!


    Time of Year: Oct ’08 – Nov ’08
    1) Looking for: A studio or 1 bedroom apt near good restaurants, coffee shops, bars & night clubs (for about 5 weeks)
    2) A 1 month Car hire: A cheap beach cruiser to drive around & explore and one which we won’t stress on getting dinged (or stolen)

    I live for clean, glassy waves (bodysurfing), fresh grilled fish/shrimp/stone crabs washed down with dark rum & lime on ice… reading magazines or books

    My wife is passionate for grilled Brazilian beef…rice and beans, late night dancing, volleyball, anytime Brazil’s World Cup team is playing, shopping for shoes & handbags… marathon card games & travel back-gammon tournaments.

    Suggestions / ideas / places to visit and people to see?

    Tentative plans are to fly into Sao Paulo and visit her family in Volta Ronde for a few days.

    Prices for TAM airlines flying out of San Paulo to Florinapolis are $340 a ticket…how good/safe is the airline?

    What’s the weather & surf like this time of year?
    How ’bout night-life and where do the local Brazilians go?


  2. Tony says:

    Hi Billy, I’m not going to be able to help you much with the travel-agent side of things. But let’s see what advice I can give you.

    The north coast of Florianópolis is heavily built and taken by Argentinians. By the description of what you are looking for I’d say you should look for something on the east coast of the island. I think Campeche is a spectacular place to be, well placed and at a convenient distance from the most interesting places.

    While in Florianópolis, you should of course make sure you visit the entire island, and all its villages and beaches. You can do a few at a time, distances are not huge.

    TAM is currently the no.1 Brazilian airline. It is reliable.

    As for the weather, if you check the link I’ve provided on the entry with the historical average temperatures and rainfall you will get an idea of what to expect.

    You will find lots of Brazilians at Campeche, Joaquina, praia do Mole and around the Lagoa da Conceição.

  3. William says:

    Dude – just caught your reply…big thanks!

    What do u know about Praia da Daniela. My Brazilian family has suddenly grown and I’m now looking at Villas that sleep 7.

    Revised dates are Nov 20 to Dec 18.

    Billy Bahrain

  4. Tony says:

    Hi William, Praia da Daniela is on the north west of the island, right next to mega-trendy Praia do Jurerê (where the rich have their mansions). Daniela is a quiet beach, 3km long, quite good for families with kids.

  5. Douw says:

    Hello again,

    We asked the people for a place in Lagoa, but they are fully booked for the time that we are there! We are going on the 4th of November and we want to spend two nights there. Do you maybe have any suggestions of place close to where we wanted to stay or of places that is maybe closer to the beach?



  6. Tony says:

    Hi Douw. Will you be hiring a car? If so Campeche (hotels and pousadas in Campeche) can be an excellent alternative, as it’s just a 15-minute drive from the Lagoa. Otherwise, try finding something near praia da Joaquina (there’s no accommodation to speak of near Praia Mole).

  7. Justin says:

    Hi Tony – you’ve got a great blog! I am planning a trip to Florianopolis from December 10th to January 10th to learn to surf and have some fun. I am 29 years old and will be traveling by myself, but I have no idea what part of the island I should stay on/near. I plan to spend $20-70 (U.S.) per night on a room, obviously with more expensive rates near the holidays. I’ll probably go out 4-5 nights a week, so my top
    priorities are to be close to a beach where learning to surf is easy and close to an active nightlife (not necessarily packed clubs, but fun bars and restaurants). Also I’d like to stay somewhere where I’ll be able to meet other travelers. Can you send my any advice? Anything you can would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

  8. Tony says:

    Hi Justin, it sounds like you want to be based near the Lagoa da Conceição or, alternatively, close to the Joaquina beach nearby. Have a look at the map of Florianópolis and also at the detailed description of Florianópolis Centre-Lagoa.

    You will see on the map a bridge splitting the Lagoa in two. Left of that bridge there is a town with lots of bars and restaurants and active nightlife. So any accommodation you find on the area will be great. There’s a lot of surfing going on at the Joaquina beach and the Mole beach nearby. Easy public transport to get you there. December will be pretty quiet until the final week of the year. Then hordes of people will arrive in Florianópolis.

    If you find a place to stay and want me to tell you what I think of the location just ask here.

    All the best!

  9. Florianopolis Brazil says:

    It is getting better lately with the infrastructure though! Floripa is going up

  10. Tony says:

    Hi there, if you talk to local residents that’s not the idea that comes through. Notorious water shortages during the high season and frequent power cuts reveal a far from ideal picture.

  11. Justin says:

    Hey Tony – thank you so much for the recommendations about Florianopolis accommodations. HOWEVER, now I am in quite a tight spot, and maybe you can help me again! I am supposed to leave for Florianopolis for a month this Friday, but I think I have to change my trip due to the poor weather. There have been disastrous floods very nearby in Santa Catarina, and it has been raining nonstop in Florianopolis. Of course, I’ve booked my ticket, arranged all my travel plans, and booked my hostel (backpackers sharehouse fyi) and taken the time off work. My plan now is to find another beach town in Brazil to visit. What I’m looking for is this: A great place to learn to surf with a vibrant nightlife – not as laid back as a small resort town but not as overwhelming as Rio. Florianopolis seemed perfect. Can you suggest somewhere else that might satisfy what I’m looking for? I think that I want to stay in the south. Please let me know if you know of anything – thanks!!

  12. Tony says:

    Justin, how could you possibly tell what the weather is going to be like in a month’s time? Nobody can! Anyway, it’s summer, hot temperatures and quite a lot of rain, usually at the end of the day. Hundreds of thousands flock to Florianópolis regardless of the weather. It is a great time to be there.

    The floods in the north of Santa Catarina have wrecked havoc in the area, but Florianópolis has barely suffered any damage as a result of the rain. The tragedy this time is elsewhere.

    Other places to surf: Maresias and Camburi in São Paulo (but they are small towns, with a big surfing crowd and a vibrant nightlife). Then you would have to go much further north.

    If Florianópolis is not a good choice for you because of the weather, then you should discard any other destination further south of Florianópolis, as you are likely to find very similar weather conditions. The North East of Brazil might be your choice, but that’s miles away.

    The bottom line is, do not change your destination just because of the recent floods.

  13. RJ says:

    Tony, I am considering a trip to Florianopolis at the end of January. We are considering staying either in Mole or Barra de Lagoa. I will be traveling with a few friends. We are looking for a fun place, lots of bars and nightlife, and beautiful girls. None of us speak Portuguese. Will only knowing/speaking English be a problem? Do you have any recommendations on either of the places I mentioned?

  14. Tony says:

    RJ, Mole is tiny, hardly any accommodation nearby. But if you stay in Barra you can get there easily. Barra is ok as it has some bars and it gives you access to other interesting places. But it’s not where the action is (you’d be better at the Lagoa da Conceição).

    Not speaking Portuguese might be a bit of a setback as not many people speak English in Brazil. But Brazilians are in general very friendly and will make and effort to understand! I have no specific recommendations for the places you mentioned.

  15. Justin says:

    RJ – i am here now and it is great. don´t worry too much about not speaking portuguese. bring a dictionary so you can learn a few phrases, and as long as you try a little bit of portuguese, most locals are happy to help and speak enough english to be able to. stay at the backpackers sharehouse in barra da lagoa. it´s a hostel with about 30 beds and a fun atmosphere. it´s right on the beach and a little town, and close to many other beaches. you´ll have a blast!

  16. Tony says:

    Justin, I’m glad in the end you didn’t cancel your trip and you’re having a great time!

  17. Brandon says:

    I am looking to travel to Florianopolis during late Feb, probably during carnival and looking for advice on which part to of the island to stay. My friends and i are in our mid 20’s and are wanting to be in an area where there is a busy nightlife with bars and clubs and where there are beaches with the most activity. Also any suggestions on where to stay preferable high end.

  18. Tony says:

    Brandon, I’ll repeat some of the advice I gave earlier to a fellow traveller. It sounds like you want to be based near the Lagoa da Conceição. Have a look at the map of Florianópolis and also at the detailed description of Florianópolis Centre-Lagoa.

    You will see on the map a bridge splitting the Lagoa in two. Left of that bridge there is a town with lots of bars and restaurants and active nightlife. So any accommodation you find on the area will be great. There’s a lot of surfing going on at the Joaquina beach and the Mole beach nearby. Busy day and night. Easy public transport to get you there. Then it’s Campeche Island further south.

    As you will be in the centre of the island, you’ll be able to reach north and south easily.

    Can’t give you much advice on accommodation. There is a Praia Mole Eco Village, right in front of famous Mole beach. It looks nice but I can’t vouch for it. There is nothing nearby, you’ll need a car to get you to the Lagoa nearby.

  19. Justin says:

    Hey Brandon – i just came back from there for a month and had an unbelievable time. lots of partying going on in lagoa. if you want to stay somewhere cheap and fun, check out backpackers sharehouse. they also have a sister hostel, backpackers sharehouse sunset, which is not on the beach, but closer to town and might be better because there could be a lot of traffic going to and from town (where the bars/restaurants are) that time of year. i met someone who stayed at praia mole eco village – they seemed to like it, it is more high end.

  20. George says:

    Hi Toni,

    My wife and I are Canadians looking for a place to spend 4 to 6 weeks in Florianopolis sometime between Jan. and March. We would like to be on the beach with reasonable privacy (no all inclusive. Restaurants and clubs within walking distance and kitchen facilities. A small cabana would be perfect. What area would you suggest. Thank-you

  21. Tony says:

    George, 4 to 6 weeks is a lot of time, you’ll have time to explore the entire island and a good number of locations on the continent too. I like Campeche, south of the Lagoa. It’s quiet, next to a beach (and right in front of spectacular Ilha de Campeche). The Lagoa da Conceição (where there are tons of bars and restaurants) is just a 10-minute drive (if you have a hired car) or less than 1/2 hour by bus.

    I don’t know of an area with beach & restaurants and clubs within walking distance. To be more accurate, that’s what the beaches on the north of the island are like but I wouldn’t recommend staying there to anyone, it is where most tourists concentrate, you won’t find privacy there. The only problem with Campeche is that it lacks a decent nightlife.

  22. Vince says:

    Hi Tony,
    I looked at the average cost of flying from Rio de Janiero to Florianópolis is about 375 – 500 reals. Which is a bit expensive for me and my girlfriend since we want to party it up in Florianopolis for 2 -3 days. Do you know how much it cost take the bus and approximately how long it would take to get from Rio to Florianopolis?
    Also if you have busing information for getting to iguazu falls from Florianopolis that would be great.


  23. Vince says:

    Hi Tony,
    One other thing. Would it be worthwhile for me to go around the week of March 1. Is it extremely busy around that time? It would be ashame if i got down there and spent majority of my time in traffic or stuck somewhere.


  24. Tony says:

    Vince, airfares are currently very expensive in Brazil. You can easily find the bus information you’re searching for using the tools I explained at bus transportation in Brazil. Try first with link number 3 (that should do) and, should that fail, then number 2. I reckon travel time will be around 18 hours.

    Catarinense goes from Florianópolis to Iguazu.

    March 1 might be a bit tricky as it will be the day when many people will return from their extended carnival bank holiday. If you could make it March 2 that’d be better.

  25. matt says:

    Hi Tony
    My girlfriend and I were thinking of having a holiday in Florianopolis for a couple of weeks in late April. What would the sea temperature be then? We’d like to stay somewhere quiet but within reach of restaurants and nightlife and would like to be near to a beach which is calm for swimming and a different beach where you can bodyboard – not big waves. Could you help us?

  26. Vince says:

    Hey Tony,
    I’m looking at flights from Rio to Florianópolis and was wondering if GOL airlines has seat sales?
    I can book a flight for 379 reals one way, should I wait for price to drop or should i jump to that price.
    Once again, thanks for the helpful advice.


  27. Tony says:

    Matt, you can check out the average temperatures for the year (link provided) to get an approximate idea of how the weather changes along the year. I would say the water should be ok in April, but if winter came earlier that might not be the case. But I’m quite sure you’ll be fine. As for your choice of place to stay, as I’ve already mentioned in previous replies, the center of the island (the area around the Lagoa da Conceição in special) is great as it provides easy access to all parts of the island. I would try to find a place to stay near the Lagoa or in Campeche. Unfortunately, you won’t find calm waters on the beaches facing the ocean, for that you’ll have to go north of the island (not my favourite place). There’s always going to be a compromise. Joaquina beach might be ok for bodyboard but I’m no specialist on the topic. So, somewhere quiet near center of the Lagoa with the bars and restaurants nearby and beaches too would be my recommendation. Can’t give you specific names of places, though.

  28. Tony says:

    Vince, both Tam and Gol run seat sales from time to time (although they have become quite scarce in recent times). I’ve got a blog on that topic: D Airfare. The most recent Gol promotion was covered here: Gol: new flight deals.

  29. james frost says:

    hello im james from england coming flora on the 2end of feb was just wondering about cheap aparments and do u no any thing about it and also whats it like geting a bus down from sao paulo ?

  30. Tony says:

    James, can’t give you any info on apartments (Florianópolis is huge, a good starting point is the following website: Alugue Temporada).

    From São Paulo to Florianópolis it is a 11-hour ride. Two companies travelling that route are Catarinense and 1001.

  31. Cristina says:

    Hi Tony,
    I was thinking of driving from Floripa to Rio de Janeiro instead of flying. Is it about 13-14 hour drive and is it a nice route? where would you suggest it is a good place on the coast to stay overnight, half way?

  32. Tony says:

    Cristina, I would definitely advice you against driving. From Florianópolis to São Paulo you will drive a long a really treacherous road. Then you will have to cross São Paulo (a nightmare) and then go down the coast till you reach Santos. The road from Santos to Rio is beautiful but like I said, I wouldn’t drive the whole way. On top of that you have to bear in mind the hefty charges you will pay for renting the car in one place and returning it on a different one, as this is not a common practice in Brazil.

  33. Victor says:

    I am looking to go to Florianopolis with a large group of guys for spring break during the last week of March. We have heard that March is low season. Will there be enough people there to pack the clubs? Is the nightlife still good in March? Thanks

  34. Tony says:

    Victor, March is low season indeed, but it isn’t “dead season”. You will still find people around, particulary if the weather is still warm. But don’t expect packed clubs outside the weekend.

  35. Shawn says:

    Hi, great site. Quick question: my friend and I decided to plan a last-minute week in Floripa but I’m having a lot of trouble finding hotel availability. Is it really that difficult to find a room for the 16th-22nd of February?


  36. Tony says:

    Shawn, you are arriving during the Carnival bank holiday, where hundreds of thousands of Brazilians travel to the beach. Florianópolis is one of those top destinations for those who don’t want to stay home during the carnival.

  37. Mitch says:

    Hey mate. I love your blog. Its very helpful.
    I was wondering in your opinion what is the best way to get to florianopolis from buenos aires? Without spending heaps on flights.

  38. Tony says:

    Mitch, there are two bus companies running services between Florianopolis and Buenos Aires. Flechabus and Pluma ( Pluma has the cheapest seat for that trip, not that long ago the price was R$272 one way. The trip takes about 24 hours.

  39. Jop says:


    Very useful site! I’ve got a question I was hoping you could help me with. My boyfriend and I are looking at spending a couple of days in Florianopolis at the end of a 3 week trip to Brazil & Argentina (I know, way to short! Blame my boss…). We’re looking at arriving Saturday 24th of October and staying until the 29th. Is that a good time to visit if we want some decent weather, or is it advisable to go further North? Also, if we were to come to Florianopolis we were thinking of spending a couple of days at Ponto dos Ganchos. My guess is that its pretty far from the centre of the action? Should we also to plan to spend some time somewhere more centrally located? Also, presumably being a gay couple is not that much of an issue in Florianopolis?



  40. Tony says:

    Jop, keep an eye on the weather forecast. October is a treacherous month, if there was a cold front around temperatures could be on the chilly side. But with a warm front over the area you would be able to enjoy the beach. In case of cold, go further north, Paraty in the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro would be an excellent choice. Ponta dos Ganchos is the location for one of the most exclusive accommodation resorts in Brazil. If you are going to stay there, then you won’t probably want to leave the hotel, so remoteness will be fine. Otherwise, forget it. Gay couples should do ok in Florianópolis (as well as in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro)! Brazil is quite a conservative country but thankfully it is quite liberal when it comes to sexual options.

  41. Brad says:

    Hey man…me and some buddies are planning a trip to Floripa during November into December. We’ve got our tickets to GRU, but the tickets to FLN (as of Late July) look very these go down as the summer comes closer? How do we find the best rates?

    Also, we are looking to rent an awesome beach house. Any suggestions?


  42. Tony says:

    Brad, the only way of getting a good bargain is to buy your tickets during one of those short-lived sales run by the main airlines Gol and Tam. The problem is that you won’t be able to purchase tickets online from abroad with them as they require you have a Brazilian taxpayer’s number for payments by credit card. At our blog D Airfare we regularly announce those promotions. Other than that, the way the main airlines pricing structure works is identical, the closer you get to the date of your flight, the more expensive the tickets will be. Cheapest fares are the ones that sell first. You could try something via a travel agent, but if they are abroad they won’t have access to the best deals. I can’t give you any advice on house rental as I don’t have any first hand info on that, but I’m sure it’s feasible and Floripa is an excellent place for that. I would look for something in Campeche or near the Lagoa da Conceição. All the best!

  43. Adrian says:

    You can purchase TAM tickets on the Australian website Best Flights – they often have very competitive prices.

    With regards to apartments, I’ve heard this one: Florianopolis Travel is great. I actually know Renata personally, she’ll be able to answer any of your questions. Email is

    Another site for apartments is Nexus Surf.

    Hope this helps.

  44. Tony says:

    Adrian, I know you can purchase TAM tickets from abroad, any travel agent with access to a GDS will be able to issue them. But you won’t be able to get hold of any weekend flight deals or similar promotions. That’s the point I was trying to make.

    Thanks for the accommodation links!

  45. ursula says:

    Hi Tony,
    we will travel to Curitiba in 01/10-02/10, so I thought that we could go to Florianopolis for last 2 weeks,my husband is photographer, I`m looking for peace and relax, don`t really like night life, so thought about south part of island,supposed to be less “touristy”,found info about pousada sitio dos tucanos.This would be our 1-st time in Brasil, don`t really know where to go for the last 2 weeks, so if you know any other places around Curitiba,I would appreciate,
    thanks for your site

  46. Tony says:

    Ursula, the south of Florianópolis is a fantastic place, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 2 weeks will give you plenty of time to explore the entire island.

    Of course, if you haven’t been to the Iguazú falls, they are an absolute must. They are a short flight away from Curitiba or a 11-hour bus trip (from Curitiba to Foz do Iguaçu).

    There is an incredible and hardly known place in the border between the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul called Aparados da Serra, where several spectacular canyons are found. More info at Cambará do Sul (in English) and Aparados da See a selection of photos photos from Aparados da Serra at Flickr.

    All the best!

  47. Renata says:

    Hi Ursula, i just saw your note that you are going to FLoripa, to stay in the southern part of the island. I am from Sao Paulo, and i love Floripa, therefore i would like to suggest that once you are in the island, some great places to visit in the south of the island are the beaches of Armação and Naufragados, this last one is so charming!! Also the Ribeirão da Ilha neighborhood is a beautiful place, where they cultivate the oyrters, and you can go to some very good value restaurants to have the best oysters evers, right on the ocean, in front of the ‘oysters farm’. The Pousada Sitio dos Tucanos is so nice, and the owner is a really nice lady. But it is far from almos everything, so you might think about renting a car in order to explore the other unique and beautiful neighborhoods Floripa offers. Also, this is the time for whale watching! Some friends of mine just came back from the boat trip, where they saw the whales really close! Hope you have a great time in the island!

  48. Marcy says:

    Hi Tony, great blog! Really helpful info.

    Could you help with some advice?

    Im looking to stay in Floripa for 4 weeks+ to learn surfing and generally chill out, do you think its worth trying to find a basic apartment to rent (studio) if staying for such a long time? As an alternative to staying in a hostel. Obviously im looking for the cheaper option. If, say on average the hostel is about 20USD a night, a month will be about 700USD, do you think its possible to find a decent place for about the same price in a decent location? (i.e. near Lagoa da Conceição)

    Many thanks!

  49. Tony says:

    Thanks Marcy. I’d definitely make enquiries about long-term accommodation. A good starting point is the site Alugue Temporada. All the best.

  50. Marcy says:

    Yikes, places are EXPENSIVE for February huh! Seems rent in Brazilian beach towns is about the same as on the Mediterranean coast these days.

  51. Renata says:

    Hi Marcy,
    If you are coming to Floripa to learn to surf, i would recommend you stay in the Barra da Lagoa neighborhood, because this is where most of the surf schools are located. When are you coming? Right now the weather is so nice! Also the Lagoa da Conceição is a nice place to stay, and it´s got some good budget options. Take a look at and in Barra a good option is .

  52. Tony says:

    Obrigado, Renata.

    Marcy, bear in mind the properties listed on the site I sent are not on the budget end of the scale. You’re likely to find cheaper alternatives – as well as the options pointed out by Renata. My suggestion is, book two or three days in advance at a pousada and once you are in Florianópolis, go out hunting for an apartment. I agree with Renata, the area around the Lagoa da Conceição is excellent, you have everything, well situated, lovely beaches nearby and bars and restaurants too. I love Campeche too but it’s a better alternative for as long as you have your own means of transportation.

  53. Marcy says:

    Thanks Renata, im arriving in February just in time for the carnavale, so im hoping to have a central location for its duration (3-4 days). And then probably moving to a more relaxed beach side atmosphere. I think im gonna go the way Tony describes, search for places once there.

    Also guys, is carnavale fun in Floripa? 😀

  54. Renata says:

    Hi Macy, Carnaval is one of the busiest seasons in Floripa. New Year´s week is the only busier holiday than Carnaval season. It is a vibrant and lively beach atmosphere everywhere. There is a parade in centro, and local carnaval street party in local villages, like Santo Antonio de Lisboa. I think it is kind of risky to look for accomodation in Carnaval when you arrive here, you may end up having to stay not exactly where you would like to. So i would suggest that either you arrive some time in advance, while the island is not yet packed, and you can go around and choose your location, or book in advance.

  55. Tony says:

    Marcy, bear in mind that most Brazilians flocking to Florianópolis will be fleeing from the carnival celebrations back home. For them the extended bank holiday is just another chance to get a tan. Make sure you have accommodation for the carnival dates booked in advance.

  56. ursula says:

    Hi Tony,thank you for previous reply,another question:would you recommend Yellow Fever vaccination for us if we are going to visit south/east of Brazil(Rio, Floripa, Curitiba…)?

  57. ursula says:

    Tony,which car hire company in Floripa would you recommend?Thanks

  58. Tony says:

    Ursula, info on yellow fever here: 10 facts about yellow fever in Brazil. You don’t need the shot for the cities you mention (you would need it if you were visiting Iguaçu).

    I can’t recommend a specific car hire company. There are several local companies based near the airport, they offer good rates.

  59. Liv says:

    Wow seriously your blog is amazing! Im an australian and im currently doing exchange here in florianopolis for 1 year but i have allreadly been here 8 months and wow you really do give the best advice! I have my sister and uncle from australia and sweden coming over so visit me in a month and ive been following your advice about booking a apartment for us,and cars ( do you have a favourite care company too? i cant decide which one to use) and travelling thanks! For anyone reading this regardless of the weather, florianopolis is the BEST city in brasil by far and you can not miss it! I never ever want to leave! Thanks again on behalf of everyone, seriously mate well done!

  60. Tony says:

    Liv, thanks so much for your kind message! I don’t have a favourite car company, I rented from one of the local companies near the airport, don’t remember its name.

  61. Liv says:

    lol im 16 on rotary youth exchange! i wish i worked hahaha and ok thanks when they get here i think well jsut look about for one that has good rates and when thats done ill come back and tell you which company we used and how much, from reading the comments looks like people want to knoe about that tooo, and no problem mate, you did good!

  62. Anya says:

    Hi Tony, Im planning to come to Florianopolis in the second half of November – is there a big chance the weather is going to be nice and hot??

  63. Tony says:

    Anya, if you read carefully the blog post you will find a link to the average temperatures and rainfall in Florianópolis across the year. We can tell you what the weather was like in the past but no one will be able to tell you for sure what it will be in the future. November: mild temperatures and considerable rainfall. This year weather forecasters are predicting heavier rainfall than usual due to the presence of the El Niño weather phenomenon.

  64. Anya says:

    Tony, sure Ive checked the average temperatures and rainfall around the year. What I meant was the trends this year so far. Heavier rainfall doesnt sound good, but what can we do? I will hope for the best 🙂
    Thank you!

  65. Tony says:

    Anya, sudden weather variations are the norm in the south of Brazil. This winter we had chilly weeks followed by days with 30 degrees max temperature. It’s a bit crazy. And yes, I wouldn’t worry too much, there isn’t much you can do about it after all, just make the most of whatever weather you get!

  66. Elise says:

    Hi Tony,
    How far of a distance is it between Armacao and Campeche? Which would you prefer to stay? Are either of these towns significantly cheaper than the other? There are four of us going for 5 weeks and want to rent a house. Somebody recommended when arriving to walk into a real estate agency and have them show us some houses. Do you think this is a good idea? Thanks.

  67. Tony says:

    Elise, there are approximately 10 km separating both places. I’d go for Campeche, being more central gives you easier access to north and south of the island. Unless you plan to travel during the high season (January) it could be a good idea to do as you suggest, approach a travel agent and see what they have to offer. Might be a good idea to book accommodation in advance for the first couple of nights, though. All the best.

  68. Meike says:

    Hi Tony, I am planning on spending New Years in Brazil, and currently the plan is Florianopolis. I have found very different information on the weather online. Would you recommend Florianopolis at the end of Dec/beginning of Jan? How many days of rain is there on average and if it rains, does it rain for an hour or the entire day?
    My last New Year was rainy and cold and I definitely want to avoid the rain this year 🙂

  69. Meike says:

    Ooops, sorry please ignore my question, just read more and now looking for the link in regards to the weather and rainfall 🙂

  70. Tony says:

    That’s fine, Meike. My only (strong) advice is, make sure you book your accommodation well ahead, as end of December/beginning of January is high season in Florianópolis. Actually, if you want to avoid paying the highest prices all year around, make sure you arrive in Florianópolis after 1 January. The period just before New Year’s Eve is the most expensive of the year.

  71. ursula says:

    Hi Tony, after all the research about Florianopolis,I`ve ended up booking place in Praia do Rosa,ha, typical woman, ey?Thanks for info anyway because we`ll go to Floripa as well.Now next part of the journey-we will fly from Rio to Buenos on 20 or 21.02, do we need to book, and if yes which airlines are good?
    thanks Tony again for great blog.

  72. Tony says:

    Ursula, have a look at direct flights from Brazil to Argentina from my blog on flight deals.

  73. R Harper says:


    Great site which is giving me loads of info for my trip to Floripa this Xmas and New Year. Couple of questions I have is the drink prices in the clubs in Jurere such as P12 and Taiko, Ive read they are expensive but just how expensive for beers and spirits? Also we are staying in Lagoa De Conceicao and would like to know how much for taxis to get to Jurere and back and if its easy to get one at the end of the night?

    Thanks for any info provided.

  74. Tony says:

    R Harper, I’m so sorry I can’t give you the up-to-date data you request, let’s see if Renata, a regular contributor to this blog post, can give us a helping hand once again.

  75. Renata says:

    Hi Harper, there are entrance fees to get in the beach clubs like P12, but not in Taiko, which is more of a restaurant than a bar. Make sure to get to P12 the latest at 1 pm for the beach day parties, because entrance prices go up the later and the more crowded they get. I don´t know about beer and spirits prices though. The taxi ride from the Lagoa to Jurere costs about R$ 40 each way if there is not too much traffic jam. These clubs are famous for the beach DAY parties, which start about 1 pm and finish the latest at 8 pm, so cabs shouldn´t be a problem, and you can also ask the bar manager to call you a cab. The beach day parties are amazing!

  76. Tony says:

    You’re a star, Renata, thanks once again.

  77. R Harper says:

    Thanks very much for the info its greatly apprecaited. I’m looking forward to going to P12 alot sounds like alot of fun.


  78. Jay says:

    Hey there, thank you for all interesting content !

    Where would be the best beaches for kite surfing (surf and sound spots)? Do you know if we can rent equipments somewhere, cause I’ll backpack around Brazil and obviously no space for kite and boards ?

    Second, where would be the best cheapest places to stays 🙂 ? I’ll be in Floripa around the 8th to 12th january 10 ? I’ll prefer location than the comfort! If there’s other traveler interested in sharing fees, I’ll follow the blog.

    thank you!

  79. Renata says:

    Hi Jay, regarding kitesurfing, if you are a beginner, your place would be the Lagoa da Conceição, a huge lake, shallow and warm waetr, ideal for kite lessons. If you are an experienced kite surfer, then you will have a great time at the Campeche beach (Riozinho spot), or in Moçambique beach, depending on the wind direction. Rental equipment is only for the lessons though.
    The Lagoa area, as well as the Campeche and Moçambique area offer very affordable places where you will be close to the kite places. There are some nice guesthouses that offer hostal prices so you will be fine. It would be great though if you could rent a car, because you will want to explore the different kite areas in the island, which is very spread out.

  80. Tony says:

    Jay, a good starting point for accommodation is’s website (you can find the link on the blog post). Check out the prices. I agree with Renata, having a car is a great idea. The island is not gigantic and there is a public transportation service taking you places, but you will waste so much time trying to get from A to B and then to C than having your own means of transportations becomes an interesting alternative.

    Thanks once again, Renata.

  81. Jay says:

    Thank you so much Renata and Tony for your advises! I may have few more to ask 😉 ! I am looking for a mobile internet service provider. A service that I can connect in most Brazilian cities through wireless usb device or else. Any ideas on companies and fees ? Thank you !

  82. r harper says:


    Just wondering if it’s possible to hire scooters and honda cbr style motorbikes in lagoa de conceciao and if so do you know how much they cost?

  83. Tony says:

    Jay, sorry I missed your latest query. Check out Vivo, Claro and Oi.

  84. Tony says:

    r harper, you can hire scooters indeed. I have no direct references of them but check out Locomotos. They are based at the Lagoa and the link I have given you leads to their English website. They should be able to sent you up to date costs. All the best.

  85. r harper says:

    What about 600cc bikes is that possible? I seen a video where there was loads of different bikes lined up on the street do they belong to people or for hire?

  86. Tony says:

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you there. My advice would be to contact any of the rental companies.

  87. Aikopora says:

    Hi all,
    I have the opporunity to go to Florianopolis and Camboriu for cheap transportation and hotel. I’m going for 6 days, and I want to know about how much I would spend. We’re going to try to keep it on the cheap, packed lunches and such, but I’m also a splurger. What do you think?

  88. Pavel says:

    Hi Tony,

    Wonder if you could give some handy advice, would be much appreciated.

    Me and my gf are staying in florianapolis for 10 days during the carnavale period, but we’re hoping to rent a car and travel around the surrounding area of South-Eastern Brazil for about 5 days. Are there any particular areas or destinations you would reccomend- particularly interested in beaches, nature, cool cities/villages. Bearing in mind that we cant stray too far as we have return flights from Floripa.

    Thank you!!!

  89. Tony says:

    Aikopora, you don’t mention the dates of your intented travel, which can make a huge difference. But I’d say on a tight budget you’d get away on R$80 a day.

  90. Tony says:

    Pavel, the coast of Florianópolis and the continent nearby are really beautiful but during the carnival it will be very crowded with huge traffic jams. I need to tell you this as getting from one place to another is quite simple during the low season, not so much during the holiday periods. In any case, one of the most beautiful beach resorts near Florianópolis is Bombas/Bombinhas (search for it on Google Maps and you will find its location). It is north of Florianópolis on the way to Balneário Camboriú. South of Florianópolis and also within reach is Praia do Rosa (south of Garopaba), another highly recommended beach spot.
    Now, if you really wanted to go for something spectacular and really different, you could drive up to Cambará do Sul, your base for visiting the National Park of Aparados da Serra with two awesome canyons. But you would need to spend at least one night there (if not 2) to be able to cover a small portion of the park.
    Search here for info:
    And at the bottom of this page for photos:
    Hope I have given you some interesting ideas. All the best!

  91. hi there
    I’m travelling to Enchanted Mountain near Garopaba for a yoga course whic doesn’t start until 3rd Jan, leaving me in the unenviable position of trying to find last min accommodation (budget if poss) either in Florianopolis, Garopaba or Pria da Rosa – or in fact anywhere with availability!
    Can you recommend anywhere I can try as so far I’m having no luck at all!

  92. Pavel says:

    Wow…that national park looks stunning. I think thats definitely worth a visit. Thanks so much Tony, your country is amazing.

  93. Tony says:

    Rachel, oh dear, I’m afraid finding accommodation in a top beach destination right at the beginning of the high season is a tall order. You could start by scanning the accommodation listings I have published. As well as the one listed on this blog’s post I’ve got one for Praia do Rosa. Have a look also at the Ibis hotel chain, you never know.

  94. Tony says:

    Pavel, that national park is top of my wish list!

  95. Kenyon says:

    I am going to visit Florianópolis in late April-May. I am going with two other guys. Should we rent a car or are scooters a good way to get around the island? I can find car rates but nothing on scooters. Are there any special license requirements?

  96. Tony says:

    Kenyon, see my reply to r harper of 11 December 2009. But being a group of three, I’d definitely rent a car. You don’t say where you’re from so it’s difficult to give you advice on license requirements.

  97. Tony says:

    If you have any questions about Florianópolis you can ask at our Facebook page and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.