Brazil in pictures: Florianópolis

March 28, 2008 | By More

I have put together five photo albums from our recent trip to Florianópolis. They can be seen at my Flickr page.

The first album is dedicated to the north of the island, with photos of Santo Antônio de Lisboa, the Projeto Tamar in Barra da Lagoa, and the beaches of Jurerê, Canasvieiras, Ingleses, Brava and Santinho.

surfistas / surfers

The second album is dedicated to the centre and the Lagoa da Conceição, with photos of the Mercado Municipal, of the Lagoa and of the Mole beach.

praia Mole

The third album is dedicated to the south of the island, with photos of Armação, Ribeirão da Ilha and Pântano do Sul.


The fourth álbum is dedicated to the Campeche beach and the idyllic Campeche island.

praia do Campeche

An the fifth and final album is dedicated to the Joaquina dunes and its sandboard artists.

dunas da Joaquina

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  1. Frank Moessa says:

    It’s a far cry from the Maquengue in Costa Rica but it’s hard to resist the visual impact of Brazil. Must add to my list of travel spots.

    Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    Frank Moessa

  2. Tony says:

    You’re welcome, Frank. I’m sure Costa Rica is full of incredible colours too!

  3. i never thought that you can also do sand boarding here which is usually done in South Africa

  4. Tony says:

    My understanding is that sandboarding was born was actually born in Florianópolis and then exported to other places.

  5. Olga Pizza says:

    I have written about Florianópolis recently, it is really an amazing place. Thanks for the post with your emotions about it 🙂

    Great work done!

  6. Tony says:

    Thanks Olga! Tried to find your post on Florianópolis but couldn’t find it.

  7. Douw says:


    Me and my friend are traveling to Brazil in November and will be staying in Floripa for 2 nights. We have looked at a few places, but there is one place that we think is good. Could you maybe give me some info on the places. We are thinking of places near Joaquina or near Praia Mole. The place that we have heard of is Pousada da Giulia and is located nearby the “Centrinho da Lagoa” so any info would be great. We are on a budget, but anything clean, frienly or in that line.


  8. Tony says:

    Douw, I had a look at the pousada’s website and is located in a village in the center of the island. It’s a place full of bars and restaurants. I can’t vouch for how quiet your rooms will be, but if you are looking for a night out it’s a good location. Likewise, the Lagoa is a perfect place as it is in the centre of the island and from there you can go to the places you mentioned (Joaquina and Praia Mole are a short drive/bus ride away).

  9. Tony says:

    Do you have any questions on Florianópolis? I’m answering them at Destination: Florianópolis.

    If you want a detailed description of all the different parts of the island, have a look at Florianópolis North: what to do and where to go, Florianópolis Centre-Lagoa: what to do and where to go and Florianópolis South: what to do and where to go.