Joaquina dunes

April 23, 2008 | By More

The dunas da Joaquina (Joaquina dunes) are an excellent place to spend the afternoon having fun in the sand and contemplating the near-impossible movements of the sandboard pros. Sandboarding was actually born here, at the Joaquina beach.


The dunes are on the right-hand side of the road, you will see them shortly before you get to the Joaquina beach. You can park your car on the main road, but be extra careful not to get stuck in the sand.

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At the entrance to the dunes there is a hut where you can rent boards in case you want to start dabbling in sandboarding. Not all the dunes are the same, make sure you choose a slope that matches your skills.

dunas da joaquina

As radical sports are not really my cup of tea, I prefered to trade the unavoidable fall on the sand for a photo session with the sandboard pros. On the day we visited the dunes we were lucky enough to meet with Eduardo Wuntz, aka Mister, Brazilian snowboard champion (yes, snowboard, it’s not a typo). Eduardo, who is an incredibly friendly fella, also does some charity work with deprived people from the region.

dunas da joaquina

Mister and his friends left us speechless with their incredibly jumps and manouvres.

dunas da Joaquina

dunas da joaquina

You don’t need to jump on a board to have a fun time at the Joaquina. We recommend you go there at the end of the day, to avoid the blazing midday sun. There isn’t a single shade at the dunes.

dunas da joaquina

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